The DeWitt Wallace library at Macalester College believes the original work created by our faculty, students, and staff should be available and visible to the world. Our scholarly publishing system is committed to open access and disseminating the scholarly and creative works of our community to the widest possible audience. Start your publishing project today!


Our publishing efforts support open access publishing for monographs. We have successfully published two open access monographs and are currently engaged in developing a sustainable program to support faculty preparing and publishing open access textbooks.

Macalester is also a member in the Lever Press consortium. Lever Press provides another option for publishing your monograph scholarship. With the ability for peer-reviewed, digital first, scholarship, Lever Press provides a framework that is press aligned with the ethos and mission of liberal arts colleges.

Featured Books:

Our role as publisher is to provide supportand copyright is always maintained by the producer. We currently offer layout and design services, but do not offer editing or peer-review for monographs. Our identity as publisher will be DeWitt Wallace Library, Macalester College and are only listed as publisher for the purpose of obtaining an ISBN for monographs. For authors who choose to have their monographs prepared by a commercial publisher, that publisher is the publisher of record. Start your book publishing project today!


We provide publishing support for student and faculty journals that are peer-reviewed and published as openly accessible. See the whole list of journals we publish.

Our role as publisher is to provide support and copyright is always maintained by the producer. We currently offer layout and design services for scholarly journals we support, but do not offer editing or peer-review. Our identity as publisher will be DeWitt Wallace Library, Macalester College. Our services include obtaining an ISSN for journals and, beginning in 2018, DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) for unique articles. Start your journal publishing project today!

Featured Journals:

Digital Projects

Not all of todays scholarship can fit within a book or journal – even a digital one. The Library is prepared to provide consultation services to properly plan, develop, publish, and preserve your digital project. We can help find collaborators on campus for creating your digital projects too. As well as assiting in indentifing digital tools, aid in training, metadata standards, and general digital scholarship development techniques. Start your digital project today!

Featured Digital Projects:

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Our role as publisher for open textbooks and open educational resources is to provide faculty with technical and, in some cases, financial support in the form of start up stipends to help alleviate the cost of initiating and completing an OER project. Our publishing services are expanding to include online authoring platforms, assistance in finding existing open content, and copyright/licensing support. In the future, we hope to be able to participate in a network of peer reviewers for open textbooks and monographs. Start your OER publishing project today!

Featured OER Projects:


We have three primary goals for our digital publishing efforts:

  • To provide widely accessible resources for scholarship and teaching.
  • To contribute and enhance scholarly communication and open access publishing models.
  • To preserve Macalester’s intellectual, social, and historical life.



The DeWitt Wallace Library’s efforts include participation and support for the following:


If you are interested in exploring how the library can support your project, please contact any of the following individuals according to your project:

  • Monographs – Terri Fishel
  • Journals – Jacki Betsworth
  • Open Educational Resources – Ron Joslin
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