Why Macalester for Media and Cultural Studies?

Media and Cultural Studies analyzes the poetics, politics and production of media texts, in alignment with the college’s commitment to internationalism, multiculturalism and community service, using theories and methods drawn from the humanities and the social sciences. The department offers an innovative 10-course major that includes opportunities for students to combine analysis, criticism and production.

Video Equipment

Media and Cultural Studies offers video production equipment to students enrolled in production courses or for honors projects and other academic projects with faculty approval.

Before checking out any production equipment, students must read and sign an Equipment Use Contract.

Contact Terrance Raper, Creative Technology Coordinator, with any equipment questions.

In the News

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It’s two days before the U.S. release of Marlon James’s much-hyped fourth novel, "Black Leopard, Red Wolf," and it feels like this new book will propel James into a new galaxy of literary stardom. the prizewinning Jamaican author has an air of baffled, exhausted ebullience about him.

Capitalism with Scandinavian characteristics | Star Tribune | February 15, 2019
What it is, why it's not socialism, and what we in the U.S. might be surprised to learn about it. Timothy Taylor, managing editor of the "Journal of Economic Perspectives" based at Macalester College, wrote this opinion.