Assistant Professor
Developmental Psychology

Olin-Rice Science Center, 322

Cari Gillen-O’Neel’s research examines the social and educational implications of children’s collective identities—identities rooted in group membership, including demographic groups (e.g., ethnicity and gender) and institutional groups (e.g., school). She integrates theories and methods from developmental, social, and educational psychology in order to answer questions such as: How do children become aware of the stereotypes that affect their groups? How do academic stereotypes impact children’s performance in school? When faced with negative academic stereotypes, how do children maintain a sense of connection to school? Currently, Dr. Gillen-O’Neel is examining whether college students’ school belonging—their sense of social and emotional connection to their college—can protect them from the daily hassles of college life. Dr. Gillen-O’Neel teaches Research in Psychology II, Developmental Psychology, and Social Identities in Developing Lives.


  • BA: Scripps College
  • PhD: University of California, Los Angeles