Assistant Professor of Psychology
Behavioral Neuroscience

Olin-Rice 324

Jean-Marie Maddux is a behavioral neuroscientist who investigates the neural
substrates of motivated behavior in a rat model using behavioral, psychopharmacological, and
neurobiological techniques. The broad goals of her research consider the role of associative
learning processes that can contribute to addiction, identify candidate brain areas that allow for
this learning to occur, and explore the involvement of specific neurotransmitter systems in
associative learning and its behavioral output. Her recent work has examined how Pavlovian
cues that accompany alcohol use come to influence behavior, and how nicotine enhances
conditioned responses to an alcohol-associated cue. This work has clinical relevance, as nicotine
and alcohol are highly co-used in human populations, and Pavlovian conditioned stimuli
associated with alcohol can exert a strong influence in the lives of alcohol users. She teaches
courses on behavioral neuroscience, including a seminar on the neuroscience of reward.


BS: Binghamton University
MA: Johns Hopkins University
PhD: Johns Hopkins University

Selected Publications (* indicates student co-author)
Maddux, J.M., Gonzales, L.*, & Kregar, N.P.* (2022). ╬▓2* nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
subtypes mediate nicotine-induced enhancement of Pavlovian conditioned
responding to an alcohol cue. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 16.

Khoo, S.Y.S., Sciascia, J.M., Pettorelli, A., Maddux, J.M., & Chaudhri, N. (2019). The medial
prefrontal cortex is required for responding to alcohol-predictive cues but only in
the absence of alcohol delivery. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 33, 842-854.

Lacroix, F., Pettorelli, A., Maddux, J.M., Heidari-Jam, A., & Chaudhri, N. (2017). Varenicline
reduces context-induced relapse to alcohol-seeking through actions in the nucleus
accumbens. Neuropsychopharmacology, 42, 1037-1048.

Maddux, J.M., & Chaudhri, N. (2017). Nicotine-induced enhancement of Pavlovian alcohol-seeking behavior in rats. Psychopharmacology, 234, 727-738.

Tabbara, R.I.*, Maddux, J.M., Beharry, P.F., Iannuzzi, J., & Chaudhri, N. (2016). Effects of sucrose
concentration and water deprivation on Pavlovian conditioning and responding for
conditioned reinforcement. Behavioral Neuroscience, 130, 231-242.

Srey, C.S.*, Maddux, J.M., & Chaudhri, N. (2015). The attribution of incentive salience to
Pavlovian alcohol cues: a shift from goal-tracking to sign-tracking. Frontiers in Behavioral
Neuroscience, 9.