Assistant Professor
Indigenous Psychology

Olin-Rice 325

Jill Fish is a counseling psychologist whose scholarship focuses on transforming systems and institutions to be more socially just and equitable for Native American and Indigenous peoples. She developed the Indigenist Ecological Systems Model, a framework that serves as the basis for her award-winning digital storytelling project, OrigiNatives. Dr. Fish’s teaching experience and interests include courses in Indigenous Psychology, Cultural Psychology, and Qualitative Methods.

BA: Niagara University
MS: University at Buffalo
PhD: University of Minnesota


Selected publications (*indicates student co-author)
Fish, J., Ansloos, J., O’Keefe, V. M., & Gone, J. P. (under review). Truth and reconciliation for whom? Transitional justice for Indigenous peoples in American psychology. PsyArXiv.

Fish, J., *Counts, P. K., *Ruzzicone, D. J., *Ogbeide, I. E., & Syed, M. (in press). “…Inside of my home, I was getting a full dose of culture”: Exploring the ecology of Indigenous Peoples’ development through stories. PsyArXiv.

Fish, J., & Gone, J. P. (in press). Beyond decolonization: Anticolonial methodologies for Indigenous futurity in psychological research. In L. Comas-Díaz, H. Y.  & N. Y. Chavez-Dueñas (Eds.) Decolonial psychology: Theory, research, training, and practice. American Psychological Association. PsyArXiv.

Fish, J., Uink, B., Wiglesworth, A., Tsethlikai, M., Him, D. A., & O’Keefe, V. (under review). For the next seven generations: An Indigenous strengths-based developmental science. PsyArXiv.

O’Keefe, V.M.,* Maudrie, T.L.,* Cole, A.B., Ullrich, J.S., Fish, J., Hill, K.X., White, L.A., Redvers, N., Jernigan, V.B.B., Lewis, J.P., West, A.E., Aqpik Apok, C., White, E.J., Ivanich, J.D., Schultz, K., Lewis, M.E., Sarche, M.C., Gonzalez, M.B., Parker, M., Neuner Weinstein, S.E., McCray, C.J., Warne, D., Black, J.C., Richards, J.R.R., & Walls, M.L. (2023). Conceptualizing Indigenous strengths-based health and wellness research using group concept mapping. Archives in Public Health, 81, 1-11.