For Both Study Days:

  • No class sessions will be held.
  • No final exams will be given.
  • No papers will be due.
  • No preceptors may work.
  • All study/review sessions are optional.

For Study Day 1 Only:

  • Departments and programs may schedule “optional” events that cannot reasonably be held at other times in the semester (e.g senior capstone presentations).

For Study Day 2 Only:

  • No activities may be scheduled, except for optional study sessions arranged by the professor.

On both study days, Campus Reservations and the Registrar’s Office will only allow course-related space reservations for those events specified above. Note that reservations for off-campus (non-Mac student) groups using campus space will be allowed, provided the group’s activity does not interfere with the intended use of study days.

In those semesters where classes end on a Thursday or Friday, the following Sunday is excluded from the final exam schedule, and Sunday is not designated as either Study Day 1 or 2. The first set of rules above, which apply to both study days, are in effect for Sunday, but the rules specific to Day 1 or Day 2 do not apply.

Adopted with the new calendar model, which began in 2014-2015 (EPAG drafted and approved in the Fall of 2013).