Do you want to live on campus next year? Are you interested in being a part of a meaningful, intentional community?
Live in the Interfaith House

The Interfaith House at Kirk 8 allows for students to live out the fullness of their faith in relationship to others. The House seeks to foster creative discussion and inter-religious dialogue for students of diverse faith and moral commitments from the world’s religions, as well as seekers, agnostics, and humanists. By cultivating spiritual and philosophical understanding in our community, we seek to create a safe environment for faith exploration, mutual understanding, and relationship building across faith lines.


Members of the community are expected to make a commitment to living together in inter-faith community. Activities include regular community meals focusing on varied topics of interest and occasional events for the broader Macalester community, as suggested and designed in partnership with the staff of the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life. Expectations of residency include:

  • A commitment to the creation of a safe living space to explore and discuss pertinent topics of faith, religious diversity, and spiritual life.
  • Required attendance at regular community meal meetings throughout the term, at a time to be mutually determined. The meeting focus may range from resident-led discussions to community-building activities.
  • A commitment to honor the food preparation and dining practices of various religious communities, including, but not limited to, Halal and Kashrut dietary traditions.
  • Students are not required to make a commitment to a particular understanding of the place of other faiths/religions in the world, but are simply committed to conversation, relationship, and understanding.

Since the Interfaith House is campus housing, residents also abide by all Residential Life and College policies. The Interfaith House is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors of all religious, spiritual, and secular expressions. Kirk Section 8 has a large kitchen and access to the lounge. Students living in the Interfaith House are not required to have a residence hall meal plan. There is space for eleven residents in 4 double rooms, 1 triple room, and 1 single room.

Applications for the 2019-2020 academic year will be available in January 2020.