• Seventeen Moments in Soviet History
    Take a closer look at Soviet history at this award-winning Macalester-designed site
  • Russian miscellany
    Discover Russian culture through this look at things real and imaginary
  • Our bookshelf
    Our list of must-reads
  • Natural resources use and conservation
    Did you know that Russia owns 25 percent of the world’s fresh water?
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    Visit right now — no visa required!
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    search engines, newspapers, dictionaries, and more
  • How to Russify your computer
  • Guessing Game
    see if you can tell which pictures are Russian or not
  • Discovering Russia
    a series of photos and essays on the architectural and cultural heritage of Russia by the renowned art historian and photographer William Craft Brumfield from Tulane University
  • All-the-russias
    a blog from NYU’s Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia. Scholars at the Center examine Russia through many lenses: from history to visual culture, literature to economics, anthropology to politics
  • Vostok Cable
    a blog about Russia and Eastern Europe – yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Founded by a group of students at Oxford University, it aspires to provide a unique perspective on the region, bridging the gap between academic and media debates
  • Digital Icons
    Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media
  • Nabokov Online Journal
    excerpts from the works of Vladimir Nabokov by special arrangement with the Estate of Vladimir Nabokov