Ingrid Korsgard ’13 (Madison, Wis.), “Keeping the Eye of Siberia Luminous: Environmentalism on Lake Baikal in a Transitioning Society (1930-2013)”

Anya Zimnitskaya ’12 (Minsk, Belarus), “A State Within a State: The Case of Chechnya”

Siarhei Biareishyk, ’11 (Minsk, Belarus), “Formalism, Self-Referentiality, and the Avant-garde”

Matthew Thrasher ’10 (St. Louis Park, Minn.), “How to Make a Colony: Reform and Resistance in Russian Turkestan 1865-1917”

Elizabeth Engebretson ’07 (McAllister, Mont.), “What Replaced the Kolkhozes and Sovkhozes: A Political Ecology of Agricultural Change in Post-Soviet Russia”

Curran Hughes ’07 (Towson, Md.), “The Influence of Ethnicity and Nationalism on Soviet and Post-Soviet Urbanization in Tallinn, Estonia, and Kazan, Russia”

Honors Presentation

ingrid korsgard

Russian and community and global health senior Ingrid Korsgard ’13 presented her honors thesis on April 26, 2013. She conducted research on environmentalism in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia from the 1930s through the present day.