The Honors Program is designed to enable seniors with demonstrated ability to undertake substantial independent work that culminates in a project of exceptionally high quality.

1. For Honors in Russian, a student shall have a minimum GPA of 3.4 or higher in Russian Studies.

2. The pre-requisites for eligibility for acceptance into the program shall consist of normal progress toward a major.

3. In applying for acceptance into the program a student shall present their Honors adviser a statement of intent and a brief description of the proposed Honors project. The adviser in consultation with their colleagues in the department will review the project and notify the student of acceptance or denial. These materials shall be due no later than spring registration in the year prior to the fall in which the student plans to begin their Honors project or than the fall registration for students planning to begin their Honors project on January 1 or at the beginning of the following spring semester. This deadline will be adjusted for students returning from study abroad and planning to graduate in May.

4. A list of seniors preliminarily approved by the department faculty to pursue an Honors project shall be presented by the Department Chair or Co-Chair to the Dean of Academic Programs by October 2 for students planning to graduate in May and by February 12 for students planning to graduate in December.

5. Other due dates shall be as indicated below for students graduating in May. For students graduating in December, deadlines shall be moved forward by one semester, i.e. all deadlines shall be one semester earlier than here indicated.

January 31 Progress report due
March 28 Outside Examiner form due (provides name, address and Social Security number of outside examiner if the examiner is from outside the college)
March 28 Honors Project Abstract due
April 2 List of students who will likely complete their projects
April 26 Last day for oral examinations.
April 30 Revised list of students who have successfully completed their Work and certification forms (signed by Examining Committee) submitted by Chair or Co-Chair to Dean of Academic Programs.
May 7 Deadline for submissions of Honors thesis to the Academic Programs office for binding. Our department is responsible for making sure the copies are complete and in good order. The Honors Program budget will pay for the binding of two copies per student. Honors Student is to provide a mailing address where his or her copy should be sent, and an e-mail address for contact purposes.
May 11 (or thereabouts) Spring Honors gathering where Honors Students present their theses for students and faculty in the Department


6. The Honors thesis will differ from the capstone experience in displaying original, in-depth research (normally carried out over at least one academic year) and will normally be longer than 50 pp.

7. A maximum of six (6) credits, including a maximum of two (2) credits during January of one year may be earned through Independent Study.

8. An evaluation of progress will be carried out by the Honors project adviser in consultation with departmental colleagues startingthe final week of January (and a progress report submitted to the Dean of Academic Programs by January 31) for students graduating in May. For students graduating in December, an evaluation of progress will take place starting on October 1 and submitted to the Dean of Academic Programs by October 12.

9. There will be a final oral examination by a panel of three faculty members, including one from outside the department. In addition, the Honors candidate will present their thesis orally to fellow students. This oral presentation will be arranged by the department faculty.

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