The Winter Mann-Hill Fellowship

estab. 2010 by Carter Hill, MD, ‘71, and Winnie Mann, MD, ’71

The Winter Mann-Hill Fellowship fund supports Macalester student research or work in biomedicine, health care, public health, global health or community health. Fellowships will be announced in the fall to reimburse expenses for work done over winter break. Reimbursable expenses may include laboratory or research supplies, travel expenses, or student living expenses.  Proposals must include a budget justification and requests may not exceed $2500. It is hoped that the fund will award 2-3 fellowships each year.  Work may take place in any location in the world, but must be in an area of health or biomedicine as described above and work must be performed during winter break (mid-December to end of January). Students will write a reflection essay upon their return and attend a gathering to share their experiences during Spring Semester.

Project Descriptions
Twenty four students have participated in the Winter Mann-Hill Fellowship during the past five years. Their projects have been completed in the US and in other countries, and have focused on various issues in health, medicine, public health, and/or global health.

2017 Winter Mann-Hill Fellows: Thao Hoang, Nhu Nguyen, Chelsea Valdez-Gutierrez and Christelle Cayton

Request for Proposals: To apply, send WinterMannHill APPLICATION to,  This application for 2018 is due Monday, October 19, 2018 @ Noon..


  • Applicant is a current Macalester student with a GPA > 3.0.
  • Demonstrated interest in health, medicine, public health, and/or global health
  • Students may apply as an individual or as part of a team of students.
  • Students are encouraged to talk with sponsoring agency/organization about proposal as early as possible because letter of support from representative of sponsoring organization is required.
  • Students are encouraged to talk with Professor Jansen as early as possible to refine ideas and scope of proposal.
  • ***The Winter Mann-Hill Fellowship cannot support projects that take place in the countries listed on the State Department’s Travel Warning List.

Outstanding applications will include:

  • A proposal narrative that clearly describes the ideas or project.  Project might be in any area described above.  Student(s) demonstrate thorough knowledge of (or experience with) host organization/agency and explain how project will support or extend the work or goals of the organization and have lasting impact.  Proposal narrative should also include a description of how this project/experience extends and supports the student’s educational objectives.
  • A budget and budget justification using the Mann-Hill Budget Template.  The budget justification should indicate how the fellowship funds will directly support the project.

Committee encourages proposals that include:

  • Interdisciplinary approaches to global health issues
  • Health or health care access of underserved populations
  • Community health projects or programs that will have lasting impact
  • Demonstration of additional funding or other types of in-kind support, whenever possible
  • Multidisciplinary teams of students tackling a health education or a health promotion project
  • Consideration of cultural, legal, economic, ethical or sociopolitical dimensions of health or health care