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Student Travel

Policies, Registration, and Funding Requests for Academic Conferences

All College related student travel must be reported to make students aware of the risks and responsibilities, to capture emergency contact information, and to ensure the travel is in accordance with College policies. The travel policies listed below, including those outlined in the Macalester College Student Handbook, are considered the minimum requirements for student travel.

Travel Registration Requirements

If a student is traveling over 50 miles from campus, they are required to complete the travel registration process, if ANY of the following conditions apply:

  • Travel is overnight
  • College, departmental, or student government funds are being used to support travel
  • Travel is to participate in an event on behalf of or using the name of the college

The registration forms include:

  • Basic Information
  • Emergency Contact
  • Itinerary Details
  • Sponsor Information
  • Statement of Student Responsibility and Assumption of Risk
  • Student Travel Insurance Acknowledgement

Certain types of travel (i.e. study away, athletics, student org. trips) have different or additional requirements.  In those cases, contact the sponsoring department for further instructions.

Funding for Academic Conferences

Academic Programs and Advising has a small budget to supplement travel costs for those presenting research at academic conferences. Although the funds are meant to support students who are presenting their research, some exceptions may be made for requests that help further the goals and mission of the college. The maximum award amount is $350 and students are limited to one request per year.  The funding request form is available via Google Forms here: academic related travel requests.

Feel free to contact Brenda Piatz, [email protected], with questions about funding requests.  Questions about the travel registration form should be directed to the Center for Study Away, studyaway@​