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Brenda Piatz

Program Assistant


Assists the Director with managing student advising, running the first year course program, coordinating the Honors program, working with scholarships and fellowships, and managing academic prizes and awards.

Works with the Director in managing the outside speaker fund for classroom speakers and the student travel fund for students presenting work at academic conferences.

Manages Macalester’s on-line language placement tests.

Works with the Assistant Provost and processes Faculty Travel and Research (FTR) requests and Leonard Fund requests, and provides information to faculty on how the funds can be spent, deadlines, etc.

Works with the Associate Dean of the Faculty on tenure, pre-tenure and promotion matters, as well as with department reviews.  Maintains the internal files and solicits student evaluations.

Works with the Associate Dean of the Faculty in managing the CSR grants as well as the attendant issues related to summer research employment and housing.