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Accepting Payments

Looking to make a Student Tuition Payment?

Please go to Student Accounts Tuition Payments for more information.

Need a secure way to accept payments?

Business Services provides solutions for accepting payments for Macalester sponsored events and activities. These solutions ensure that the customer’s data is secure, as well as, providing useful order/sales data.

Online / Remote payments

Macalester utilizes Touchnet’s Marketplace, an eCommerce solution, that securely collects credit card payments from a website on a computer or on a mobile device.  Online / Remote transactions include online shopping cards, “Buy” buttons on websites, recurring or subscription billing and payment options for smartphones or tablets.  

Marketplace stores have already collected for a wide variety of campus activities including student group activities, department merchandise sales and ticket sales. Visit Online / Remote Payments for more information about the Online / Remote payment solutions on campus.

Marketplace is also a solution for a no-cost event – depending on your needs – its user-friendly registration format, inventory tracking, straightforward registration review, and fulfillment steps, and customized, automated registrant emails can be utilized for larger scale or higher exposure events.

Alternatively, Google forms can easily collect no-cost registration when the registration is limited to Macalester only users.

In-person payments

Macalester owns credit card systems to accept in-person payments at your Macalester sponsored event.

More than just the physical presence of the credit card,  a transaction is considered in-person only if electronic data is captured at the time of the sale by an authorized Macalester representative who has completed the Credit Card Post-Training Assessment (google form).    The electronic data can be captured by swiping a magnetic strip card, dipping an EMV chip card, or tapping an NFC / contactless digital wallet with a stored card, like a smartphone using Apple Pay.

Macalester’s in-person credit card system has been used at a wide variety of campus activities including ticket sales, and Macalester approved fundraising events. Visit the in-person credit card system for more information about how to reserve an in-person credit card system for your next event.

Need more help?

Ask us a question

Feel free to get in contact. We are happy to assist you with your accepting payments needs.

Aimee Baxter, Business Services Systems Manager
2nd floor, 77 Macalester
[email protected]