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Online / Remote Payments

Need a secure way to accept online payments?

Online / Remote payments

Macalester utilizes Marketplace, an eCommerce solution, that securely collects credit card payments from a website on a computer or on a mobile device. Marketplace stores have already collected for a wide variety of campus activities including Family Fest Registration, Student Group Activities, Professional Conferences and many others.

Business Services partners with Departments to create Marketplace stores including: 

  • Consult with campus members on the best approach for accepting payments
  • Gather requirements for a Marketplace store which can be used for a wide variety of online commerce activities across campus, from tickets, events, and continuing education to conferences, merchandise, and more
  • Develop custom Marketplace website which promotes items for sale and includes website contact, refund policies, website start/end dates, promotion codes, and liability waivers
  • Process refunds
  • Create a connection to Finance system (feeds transactions directly to Banner/Argos and department budgets) that allows for simple reconciliation
  • Provide training and user manuals

If you have departmental funds and have a more specific need than a standard Marketplace store can provide, your department or campus group can contract with a preferred vendor that has a relationship with TouchNet/Marketplace. Preferred vendor partners with TouchNet/Marketplace to ensure transaction security and appropriate integration with the College’s financial system (Banner). If your preferred vendor does not already have a TouchNet connection with Macalester, there will be a one-time set-up fee that the department will be required to pay with departmental funds.

Marketplace is also a solution for a no-cost event – depending on your needs – its user-friendly registration format, inventory tracking, straightforward registration review and fulfillment steps, and customized, automated registrant emails can be utilized for larger scale or higher exposure events.

Alternatively, Google forms can easily collect no-cost registration when the registration is limited to Macalester only users.

For more information about any of the above options see, Customized Options or contact Aimee Baxter at abaxter@​

Why use Marketplace?

  • Convenient— Giving you and your customers a simple way to purchase.
  • Efficient- Funds from the Marketplace site flow directly to your organizations/departments FOAPAL
  • Liability— Minimize the amount of cash and checks at your event, by taking credit cards.
  • Secure and Compliant— Marketplace is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant!

How do I get started?

  1. Are you planning on using the credit card system for a Macalester fundraising event and you are a Student Group, please contact the Center for Student Leadership & Engagement.
  2. Review the Sample Marketplace Stores to acquaint yourself with Marketplace’s options.
  3. Review the Marketplace timeline plan when to make the request, and the follow-up needed.
  4. Gather the information to complete the Marketplace Request, by reviewing Preparing to complete the Marketplace Store Request.
  5. Complete the Marketplace Store / Product Request.  Business Services will contact you with any questions.  Once a draft Marketplace site is completed, you will have a chance to send changes until the Marketplace site is ready.
  6. Read Marketplace Responsibilities and Guidelines.
  7. How to find and view reports for the Marketplace transactions via Marketplace and Finance Reports via Argos.