Associate Professor (NTT) of Japanese

Humanities 104

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Ritsuko Narita Larson, “Narita-sensei” has various teaching experiences at all course levels of Japanese in both US  and Japanese universities.  Presently at Macalester College, she teaches 2nd & 3rd year Japanese language courses. In addition to her classroom work, she launched and organizes the department’s cultural events. This includes  the Asia Festival (formerly, the Japan Festival), and a Poetry Contest. Narita-sensei also coordinates other department events such as Study Abroad Information Sessions, and Language Fair. Narita-sensei also advises Macalester students who coordinate the Japanese Conversation Circle and the Japanese Culture Club.

Narita-sensei’s research interests include second language acquisition, language pedagogy, pragmatics, discourse analysis and conversation analysis, and computer assisted language learning.  She holds a Ph.D. in Japanese Linguistics from the University of Hawai’i.

Narita-sensei says, “To teach is to touch a life forever. This is my life philosophy.

My passion for language teaching began when I started learning several foreign languages during my undergraduate education.  I believe that we can deepen our understanding of different cultures, as well as our own, through language learning.   I am certain that introducing Japanese culture along with Japanese language study is essential for raising a life-long learner. As such, I incorporate issues of real life and topics of student interest into classes. I love talking with students and supporting a Japanese learning community at Macalester. I am so thrilled to hear alumni updates from graduates.  I look forward to exploring the world in Japanese with you.”



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