DeWitt Wallace Professor of Asian Languages and Cultures

HUM 108 C

Office Hours: Tuesday 3-4:40 p.m., Thursday 4-5:30 p.m.


Satoko Suzuki, DeWitt Wallace Professor of the Department of Asian Languages & Cultures, specializes in Japanese linguistics and teaches Japanese language and linguistics courses. As a language teacher, she mostly teaches the beginning and fourth-year levels. The linguistics courses she has taught include JAPA/LING150 (Language and Gender in Japanese Society), ASIA/JAPA/LING281 (Dialects, Multilingualism, and the Politics of Speaking Japanese), and a senior seminar ASIA/JAPA/LING 335 (Analyzing Japanese Language).

She recently chaired the 28th Central Association of Teachers of Japanese Conference, which was the first online conference on Japanese language education hosted in the United States. You can click on the conference website here.

Her research interests include discourse analysis, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, and linguistic anthropology. Her current scholarly work focuses on language and gender, language ideologies, and media representations. She has edited Emotive Communication in Japanese (John Benjamins) and authored a number of journal articles and book chapters. The journals in which her articles have appeared include The Journal of PragmaticsGender and Language, PragmaticsJapanese Studies, Japanese Language and LiteratureStudies in Language Sciences, and Linguistics.

She recently published “Masculinity, Race and National Identity: Representations of Non-Japanese Men’s Speech in Contemporary Japanese Novels” in the journal Gender and Language, and “Introduction to Special Issue: Language, Nationalism, Love, and Gender Roles in the Japanese Morning TV Drama Massan” and “Multiculturalism or Cultural Nationalism? Representation of Ellie Kameyama as a Conduit and the Other in the NHK Morning Drama Massan” in the journal Japanese Studies.