Department News:

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Student Achievements:

Angela Nguyen ’22 International Studies and Asian Studies Major:  Fulbright English Teaching Grant in Indonesia

Victor Wang ’22 Asian Studies and Biology major:  Presidential Award for Leadership

Anna Durall ’24 Chinese Major:  Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (summer 2022 studying Chinese at Tamkang University in Taiwan)

Max Weiher ’23 Chinese Major:  Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (summer 2022 studying Chinese at National Taiwan University in Taiwan)

Jack Keller ’24 Chinese Major: Mellon Mays Fellowship

Louise Colwell ’22 Japanese Major:  JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program) teaching English in Mie Prefecture, Japan

Diana Her ’22 Asian Studies Major:  Mellon Mays Fellowship

John Plfaster ’22 Chinese Major:  Chinese Language and Culture Prize

Victor Wang ’22 Asian Studies and Biology Major:  Asian Studies Prize

Nick Halligan-Mesa ’22 Japanese Major:  Japanese Language and Culture Prize


New Courses for Fall 2022:

CHIN/ASIA 255:  China on Screen “From Mulan (1998) to Mulan (2020)”  This course examines how Chinese films represent the development and transformation of Chinese identity.

JAPA 254:  Japanese Film and Animation From the Salaryman to the Shōjo.  This course examines the development of Japanese film from the classics of Japanese cinema to anime.

ASIA/JAPA/LING 294: Language and Identity in Japanese, Asian American and Other Communities.  This course investigates the complex relationship between language and identity.

ART/ASIA 271:  Japan and the (Inter) National Modern.  This course introduces students to the art and visual culture of Japan from the late 19th century through the end of the 20th century.

ART/ASIA 170:  Introduction to the Art of China.  This course examines the art and visual culture of China from the Neolithic era to the 21st century.

CHIN 194: Women, Warriors, Secrets and Snakes.  One woman discovers she’s secretly a snake; another becomes a man to save her country. This course examines Chinese tales of transformation from ancient times to the present. Students will probe the physical, moral, psychological, and gender transformations at the heart of these tales and also study the ways in which these classic tales themselves have mutated – from poetry and fiction to movies, comics, theater, and animation. Through close readings of primary texts and creative assignments – both visual and verbal – students will try their hands at further transforming these tales. And who knows – students may even undergo a transformation themselves! First year students only. This course is for first-year students only.

JAPA/ASIA/LING/WGSS 150:  Language and Gender in Japanese Society.  Japanese language has set expressions associated with femininity and masculinity.  Students will have opportunities to learn about the history of gendered language and find out about current discourse on language and gender.