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Monday, April 19, 2021

Registered Student Orgs Transition Process

It's time to complete the student organization transition process. The purpose of this process is to help you close out the year and set your org and incoming student leadership up for success in the fall. The two step transition process is completely asynchronous this year. Please complete the process by Monday, April 26 (5 pm CST). Check out the instructions below. This tutorial video also outlines the steps in detail using a sample org. 

 Step #1: Fill out the "Org Transition Template"
Orgs and Interest Groups will need to complete a copy of the Student Organization Transition Template and upload it as an element of the Presence transition form (details below) no later than April 26 at 5 pm. Full instructions are listed on the first page of the template and in the tutorial video. We encourage groups to start working on this form as soon as possible. If you org already uses a robust transition document, please reach out so we can discuss utilizing that as a substitute.

Step #2: Submit the "Presence Org Transition Form"

Students who have admin access in Presence will receive an email from Presence by the end of day, informing you that it is time for your org to undergo the annual organization transition process. One org leader should complete the form by April 26 (5 pm CST). 

The form requires you to upload your completed Org Transition Template or approved alternate document (so make sure you complete step #1 first). You will also need to list at least two org leaders who will be at Mac in the fall in your roster to successfully complete the transition process.The tutorial video walks you through what to expect. 

Looking for Support?
We recognize this is a new process and are here to help. If you have questions or need help related to the org transition process please contact Margaret Smith ([email protected]) or book a drop-in appointment. Please also watch the org transition video tutorial if you haven't yet done so:

Contact: [email protected]

Audience: Students

Sponsors: Center for Student Leadership and Engagement, Office of Student Affairs

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