The CRC AWARDHandbook of Chemistry and Physics awarded for outstanding achievement in first-year chemistry.

2009:  Lucas Erickson, William McCreary, Leah Billingham
2010:  Andrew Bendelsmith, Meredith Richmond
2011:  Camille Kroll, Nicole Miller, Margot White
2012:  Charles Benck, Elizabeth Lieske, Tara Cayton
2013:  Sarah Baumann, Aryeh Blumenreich, Evan Wieler
2014:  Jiayin Qu, Gretchen Greene

JOHN HOWE SCOTT SOPHOMORE CHEMISTRY PRIZE–Established by friends in memory of Professor Scott, who taught at Macalester 1941-76. A cash award to sophomore students majoring in chemistry.

2009:  Jonathan Bassen, Nicholar O’Connor
2010:  Aubrey Ellison, Lucas Erickson
2011:  Andrew Bendelsmith, Percy Griffin
2012:  Kacper Skakuj, Laura Avena
2013:  Brian Carr, Kaarin Evens
2014:  Grace Putka, Joseph Sengeh

UNDERGRADUATE AWARD IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY–A subscription to the journal Analytical Chemistry and an honorary membership in the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the American Chemical Society awarded to the outstanding analytical chemistry student in the junior class.

2009:  Elissa Butler
2010:  none given
2011:  William McCreary
2012:  Elena Tonc
2013:  Kerry Hartwick
2014:  Tara Cayton

VIOLET OLSON BELTMANN ENDOWED PRIZE–Established by Albert A. Beltmann ’23 in memory of Mrs. Beltmann ’20. A cash award to an outstanding third-year chemistry student. (Includes an American Chemical Society student affiliate one-year membership).

2009:  Laura Macke
2010:  Chen Gu, Michelle Neary
2011:  Michael Snavely
2012:  Andrew Bendelsmith
2013:  Kacper Skakuj
2014:  Kaarin Evens

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTS AWARD–Cash award, certificate, and Student Associate Membership in the American Institute of Chemists awarded to a senior chemistry major who has demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement, leadership ability, and character.

2009:  Xiaobo Ke
2010:  Elissa Butler
2011:  Michelle Neary
2012:  Aubrey Ellison
2013:  Andrew Bendelsmith
2014:  Kerry Hartwick

CHESTER H. SHIFLETT ENDOWED PRIZE–Established by former students and colleagues to honor Dr. Shiflett, professor of chemistry at Macalester 1929-66. A cash award to an outstanding senior majoring in chemistry.

2009:  Matthew Hermes
2010:  Zachary Wickens
2011:  Chen Gu
2012:  Lucas Erickson
2013:  Yiwen (Richard) Liang
2014:  Zhuyezi Julie Sun

TRUMAN SCHWARTZ ENDOWED PRIZE FOR OUTSTANDING TEACHING BY A CHEMISTRY STUDENT–Established by Truman Schwartz, professor of chemistry at Macalester 1966-2004. A cash award and an engraved beaker to a departmental student worker who has demonstrated outstanding teaching of other students.

Daryl Cartas
Robin Forslund

EMIL J. SLOWINSKI AWARD IN EXPERIMENTAL CHEMISTRY–Awarded in honor of Professor Slowinski, who taught at Macalester 1964-1988. A cash award to students doing a particularly noteworthy piece of experimental work.

2009:  Reed Larson
2010:  Casey Christopher
2011:  Peter Goldberg
2012:  Kevin Sullivan
2013:  Kent Hackbarth
2014:  Laura Avena

UNDERGRADUATE AWARD IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY–A letter of recognition from the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry and an award certificate signed by the Division Chair to recognize a senior student who displays a significant aptitude for organic chemistry.

2013:  Andrew Bendelsmith
2014:  Kacper Skakuj

OUTSTANDING STUDENT-TEACHER AWARD–Established by Truman Schwartz, professor of chemistry at Macalester 1966-2004. A cash award to a departmental student employee who has demonstrated outstanding teaching of other Macalester students.

2009:  Hannah Erickson
2010:  Laura Macke
2011:  Christina Fitzsimmons
2012:  Meridith Richmond
2013:  Katherine Soo

IOTA SIGMA PI–Nomination to the national honor society for outstanding women chemists (juniors and seniors) upon completion of six semesters of chemistry with a grade point average of 3.0 or above.

Tara Cayton
Jesse Cutter
Kaarin Evens
Rebecca Meier
Lorela Paco
Ruth Pardini
Sonia Pollock

Nominated in a previous year:

Laura Avena
Jenna Goodrich
Kerry Hartwick
Renee Jordan
Bingyan Mei
Nicole Miller
Zhuyezi Sun
Margot White

PHI LAMBDA UPSILON–Nomination to the national honor society for seniors who achieve excellence in chemistry.  Requires completion of chemistry major with a minimum grade point average of 3.5.

Kerry Hartwick
Bingyan Mei
Kacper Skakuj
Christopher Smith
Max Soghikian
Zhuyezi Sun
Margot White