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  • A May 11 campus message includes reminders to use multiple layers that minimize potential spread and disruption created by a coronavirus infection including wearing a high quality (i.e. N95, KN95) mask in indoor spaces whenever possible; staying away from others when you are not feeling well; and getting tested for COVID-19 when you are not feeling well and reporting positive test results to The message also includes details on COVID-19 precautions related to Commencement 2022.
  • There are several options for student COVID-19 testing. The drop-down section below (“Options for Getting a COVID-19 Test”) describes the types of COVID-19 testing available for students.
  • We expect everyone to follow the Mac Stays Safer 2.0 Community Commitment. Effective April 4, masks are optional for students, faculty, and staff on campus in both outdoor and indoor settings, with exceptions noted in the Well-Fitted Mask Policy. Masks are expected to be worn in classrooms, labs, and studios. All visitors and guests on our campus are expected to wear masks when in indoor settings.
  • All students, faculty, and staff were required to provide evidence of a COVID-19 vaccine series and booster dose by February 1, 2022. Exceptions to this requirement include those in the waiting period for when a booster can be provided, and those who have an existing COVID-19 vaccine exemption in place. More than 99% of our community members report being up-to-date (i.e. boosted or in a waiting period to receive a dose) on their COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • We strongly encourage those with symptoms to stay away from others and to seek testing and medical advice.


Learning and Building Community During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has required a re-envisioning of teaching and learning, new approaches to working, and creative solutions to help us find community when we are separated by distance. We are making this change together and we are finding strength in our community.

Responsive Teaching and Learning

Virtual Community and Wellness

An online hub for student engagement, community, and involvement.

Thanks to those of you who’ve asked how to support students. You can make a gift to the Macalester Fund, which provides critical flexible support that can be deployed rapidly wherever it’s needed. Gifts will help our students with unanticipated expenses and help every campus department reimagine remote student support and programming.

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Reviewed: May 5, 2022


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