What To Do if You Feel Sick
Students: The Hamre Center is open for medical services beginning January 4, 2021. If you are a student staying at the Drury or in the Twin Cities and are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you can call the Hamre Center during business hours or the 24/7/365 medical advice phone line (AccessNurse) at 651-696-6275, option 3, to get medical advice. Other urgent and emergency health resources are listed on the Hamre Center website. Drury Hotel students: If you need to quarantine (have been identified as a close contact of someone who tested positive) or isolate (have tested positive for COVID-19), please follow the instructions provided to you to coordinate a move to campus for that period.

Faculty and staff: The Minnesota Department of Health announced guidance for increased access to COVID testing. For more information about COVID-19 testing and related Macalester benefit programs, refer to this Employment Services COVID-19 Employee Resource Guide.

If you are a student, staff, faculty member, or contract employee who has been tested at a location other than the Hamre Center and received a positive COVID-19 result, please email the Macalester Contact Tracing team (contacttracing@macalester.edu) as soon as you receive your result. Macalester is required to coordinate contact tracing with the Minnesota Department of Health.

What To Do if a Close Contact Tests Positive

If a close contact (someone you have been within 6 feet of for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24 hour period) tests positive for COVID-19 you should begin a period of quarantine for 14 days from the date of last contact with the positive case. Additionally, you should get tested for COVID-19 5-7 days after your last contact with the person who tested positive. You must complete the 14 day quarantine (including not coming to work, campus, or class) regardless of these test results. Students: learn about COVID-19 testing in the Hamre Center.

If someone in your household or pod has been in close contact with a positive case but you have not been in close contact with the positive case, you do not need to formally quarantine. However, it would be prudent, until your household member receives their test results and/or ends their own quarantine, to limit contact with others, stay home as much as possible, and be extra mindful of the community commitment behaviors. Employees or supervisors: if you are unsure whether someone should be staying home from work, please have the individual consult with their health care provider or the MDH helpline.


Learning and Building Community During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has required a re-envisioning of teaching and learning, new approaches to working, and creative solutions to help us find community when we are separated by distance. We are making this change together and we are finding strength in our community.

Responsive Teaching and Learning
A collection of resources for teaching, learning, and working during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Virtual Community and Wellness

Current Status

  • President Rivera shared an update on plans for Module 3 on January 6, 2021.
  • Our College Dashboard provides an overview of COVID-19 status. While the data show we have been working hard to keep each other as safe as possible, the shift indoors with cooler weather, combined with the recent surge in cases regionally and nationally, calls for sustained vigilance and renewed attention to the practices outlined in our Mac Stays Safer community commitment. If you can effectively do something remotely — work, meet, study, work out — you should continue to do it remotely.
  • Macalester’s Mac Stays Safer community commitment and face covering policy requires everyone on the Macalester campus wear a face covering when indoors, and outdoors when six-foot physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Thanks to those of you who’ve asked how to support students. You can make a gift to the Macalester Fund, which provides critical flexible support that can be deployed rapidly wherever it’s needed. Gifts will help our students with unanticipated expenses and help every campus department reimagine remote student support and programming.
  • For students or parents of current students: Have a question that isn’t answered in our FAQ or on this site? Please email us at healthresponse@macalester.edu
  • For alumni: Have a question that isn’t answered in our FAQ or on this site? Please email us at alumnioffice@macalester.edu

Reviewed: January 6, 2021

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