Determine if proctoring is needed outside of the class: 

  • Students: Check with faculty early in the semester to see how exam accommodations will be provided:
    • Are they extending exam times for everyone online?
    • Providing take home exams?
    • Providing their own extensions via Moodle or other platforms?

If yes,  students do not need to request exams via this process.   

Student instructions for request proctoring with the MAX Center in AIM:

Log in to AIM 

  • Once logged in, you’ll be in the Dashboard view. 
  • To schedule an exam, click Alternative Testing in the My Accommodations section in the lower-left navigation bar.
Aim Testing Front Page
Student view of AIM Page with location of Alternative Testing area in left column circled
    • Next, click on the drop-down menu to select the course, 
    • then click the Schedule an Exam button (highlighted)

Points to select class from dropdown menu
Enter your exam details:Enter exam detail quiz, final, midterm Request the type of exam:   

  • Midterm/Exam (the most common exam scheduled with MAX Center) refers to an assessment which a professor schedules for entire class period to complete.  
  • Final refers to longer, end-of-semester assessments. 
  • Quizzes will most likely be done in classes/remotely.


  • select the time and date you and instructors have agreed on for the exam.
  • Select the accommodations you have been approved for under “Services Requested”.
  • “Additional Notes” is a space to provide additional information 

Although we do our best to consider preferences, we may be unable to schedule specific rooms or completely private rooms  We will honor accommodations required over preferences.

What happens next:
  1. You will receive a confirmation email. 
  2. The faculty member will complete a testing agreement, which outlines their expectations for exam proctoring (remote or in person). 
  3. You will receive confirmation of the exam being approved. 
How do I know my exam has been scheduled?

Log back into AIM.   Go to Accommodations and then Alternative Testing. Your exams will be listed there and exam status. 

If you need to modify an exam, click “modify”.  Your faculty member and the MAX Center must be notified/approve exam modifications. 

If your exam is not listed in AIM at all, you have not completed the process and will need to request the exam again.