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12.10 Academic Integrity Policy

Macalester College expects academic honesty from all students and faculty. Academic honesty encompasses accurate portrayal of contributions and appropriate uses of resources.


Procedures: When a faculty member suspects a student of a violation of academic integrity, the faculty member should consult with the student about the suspected violation.

  • If a misunderstanding has occurred, then the matter can be settled amicably between the faculty member and the student;
  • If it appears to be a clear violation of academic integrity standards, the incident is to be reported to the Director of Academic Programs.When a student suspects that a violation of academic integrity has taken place in a course, she/he has the option of speaking to the professor about the suspected behavior.


Procedures: The faculty member is responsible for gathering the pertinent and necessary information and sending it to the Director of Academic Programs. Cases of disputed violations will be handled by a special subcommittee of the Academic Standing Committee.

(It is recommended that this special sub-committee of the Academic Standing Committee be composed of two faculty, two students [from among those chosen for the Judicial Forum], and the Director of Academic Programs.)


In cases where the student admits to the violations, the Director of Academic Programs will ascertain the appropriate sanction, based on whether this is a first, second or third violation by the student, and report this sanction to the faculty member and the student.


  1. The Director of Academic Programs will contact the student requesting information about the alleged violation.
  2. The student will be given an option of a hearing before the special sub-committee of the Academic Standing Committee or having the case determined by the committee without a hearing.
  3. In the event that the student requests a Hearing, the student will have the right to bring an advocate, who is a member of the Macalester community, to the hearing.  This person is not htere to participate in the process but rather to provide support for the sutdent.
  4. Both the student and the faculty member involved will be informed of the decision of the sub-committee concerning the alleged violation of academic integrity in a timely fashion.


Procedures: If the student wishes to appeal the decision by the sub-committee on Academic Standing, he or she should make the appeal in writing to the Office of the Provost within ten days of the notification. (The Provost may designate one or more members of his/her staff to consider the appeal.)



  1. The Director of Academic Programs will keep all records of violations of academic integrity within a confidential file in a secure area so that information may be kept to identify any repeat offenses by students.
  2. Records must be kept for a minimum of three years after the student has left the institution.
  3. In cases of dismissal from the College, a copy of the dismissal letter will be placed in the student’s confidential educational record file in the Dean of Students office where it will be kept for eight years.


It is important for all concerned that there be uniformity in the process and punishment of violations of academic integrity.

Procedures: Sanctions are to be determined by the sub-committee of the Academic Standing Committee. The following sanctions are recommended when an instance of a violation of academic integrity has been ascertained.

  1. First Violation: A grade of zero on the quiz, exam, etc., or, in certain cases, a failing grade in the course.
  2. Second Violation: Suspension for a semester. In extreme circumstances, dismissal from the College is an available option.
  3. Third Violation: Dismissal from the College.