Edens Professor of Geography and Global Health
medical, human-environment, Latin America

Carnegie Hall, 103a


Curriculum Vitae

My interdisciplinary research lies at the nexus between medical geography, political ecology, and the history of public health, with a regional focus on Latin America. In terms of methodology, I mainly use qualitative social research methods and historical archival research techniques. My main areas of interest include the political ecology of infectious and vector-borne diseases; environmental and social history of disease control; social medicine and public health in Latin America; and the biopolitics of public health interventions. I am currently working on a book project on the history of Latin American social medicine.

You can learn more about me, including my research profile and class projects, on my personal webpage, here.


GEOG 249: Environment and Society in Latin America

GEOG 256: Health Geography

GEOG 258: Geography of Environmental Hazards

GEOG 368: Health GIS

GEOG 475: Health Geography Seminar

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