Pre-Health at Mac

Have an impact on the world, the rest of your life.

So many gratifying career paths.

The field of health is wider, deeper and more rewarding than you can imagine. Whether you’re focused on going to medical or nursing school, or simply understand that you want to help people or animals thrive, Macalester will help you thoroughly explore and prepare for that adventure.

The world needs broadly educated people in medical fields. It needs mental health professionals with expertise in music and art, multi-lingual champions for women’s health, environmental health researchers who understand climate change; the list goes on and on. At Macalester, you’ll discover where your strengths and passions intersect, and our faculty will help you map a path to your own health profession.

Why Macalester? Life-enlarging opportunities, everywhere.

In the heart of a major metropolitan area, surrounded by premier teaching hospitals, a medical school, biomedical research labs, and clinics that serve diverse populations, you’ll have countless options for growth and exploration. We offer fellowships with research-active faculty, with our premiere state department of health, with many health organizations and hospitals, including the Mayo Clinic—to enrich your experience and resume. Our study-away programs expose you to health issues beyond our borders, all with the goal of helping you become the best physician, PA, neuroscientist, dentist, doula, researcher, epidemiologist, midwife, public health official, veterinarian, ophthalmologist, scientist, etc., you can be.

No matter what you choose to major in at Macalester, you can complete the prerequisites for medical school or other graduate work while you engage with the community—both on and off campus—and explore how to develop your skills to make a difference in the changing world of health care.

Health professions in the cities

Join our community

  • Health Professions Advising Mailing List—Explore health professions, hear from Health Professions Advisors, and learn about upcoming opportunities and events.
  • Mac First Aid Student Group—Help run CPR classes and EMT programs that train Mac students to become first responders and then serve as front line emergency medical technicians both on and off campus.
  • Health Professions Student Coalition—Meet student mentors or become one. Join us for panels and events with alumni working in innovative health professions and service opportunities in a variety of settings. Contact [email protected] to get on the mailing list.
  • Laurie Hamre Center for Health and Wellness—Develop your skills and experience in mental health, sexual health, or health promotions and we’ll put them to use at Mac and beyond.
  • Medicinal Melodies—Share your vocal skills and socialize! This group brings music and happiness to the hospitalized.
  • Mactivists for Reproductive Health and The Sexy Educators—Join us in teaching Mac students about reproductive and menstrual health in fun ways that build community and advance causes.