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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

The Macalester College IACUC acts to review and ensure that animal welfare standards and ethical principles are applied at the highest possible level in any animal use or research conducted at or in association with the college. The goal of each IACUC is to ensure the humane care and use of any animals used in research, and compliance with guidelines and regulations, while maintaining flexibility to best meet the unique needs of the institution. Active participation by research scientists allows for the scientific needs of research investigators to be considered; participation by nonaffiliated members incorporates a public conscience; and the involvement of veterinarians ensures appropriate medical care and animal well-being. A program of continuing education for IACUC members and researchers ensures that animal care and use standards and ethical principles continue to align with best practices. As at other educational and research institutions, the Macalester College IACUC derives its authority from the law.  IACUCs are mandated by the Health Research Extension Act (HREA) of 1985 and the Animal Welfare Act. 

(Reference:; excerpted from the website and adapted 12/9/20)

Macalester IACUC Animal Use Form (PDF)