If you chair a campus committee and your committee is not listed here, please contact Web Services.

Academic Office Professionals
The purpose of the Academic Office Professionals group is to allow academic office staff to network, share knowledge and wisdom, and get answers to questions.

ACM Committee on Women's Concerns
Provides updates on events concerning women on campus- hires, conferences, policy issues, and takes back to campus issues of common concern and follows up with the administration. Appointed members: 1 faculty, 1 exempt staff, 1 non-exempt staff.

Advancement Committee (Trustee Committee)
Responsible for institutional fund raising, including policy guidelines, goals, major prospects solicitation, and helping to evaluate the Development staff and budget. Appointed Members: 11 trustees, 1 staff, 1 faculty, 2 students.

Affirmative Action Committee

Banner Data Stewards Committee
Macalester College has five Banner Data Stewards who are responsible for overseeing the data that resides in the Banner Finance, Banner Student, Banner Financial Aid, Banner Employment, and Banner General modules.

Buildings and Grounds Committee (Trustee Committee)
Reports to the Board of Trustees on buildings and grounds issues. Appointed Members: 5 trustees, 1 staff, 1 faculty, 2 students.

Campus Environmental Issues Committee

Data Standards Committee
The Data Standards Committee establishes standards for the entry of shared information into all Macalester College databases. Offices should use the standards put forth by this committee to supplement individual guidelines in their areas of operations.

Educational Policy and Governance

Entertainment Committee
Plans and implements a program of entertainment recognizing the important contributions to the life of the college by faculty and staff. Recommend to the President one major event and other occasions each academic year. Appointed members: staff and faculty, number varies.

Faculty Meetings
Minutes of faculty meetings are available to the Macalester community (a username and password is required).

Faculty Personnel Committee

Faculty/Staff with Small Children

Honorary Degree Committee
Makes recommendations to the faculty and the Board of Trustees for the awarding of honorary degrees. Appointed members: 2 faculty, 2 students, 1 staff, the director of Communications, and the Director of Alumni Relations.

Library and Media Services Advisory Committee

Media Board
Discusses campus media issues and selects the editors and managers of The Mac Weekly , Spotlight, WMCN. Assist media groups with budgeting issues, transition between semesters and academic years, training/workshops. Appointed Members: 1 faculty, 1 staff, 4 students.

President's Council

Resources and Planning Committee
The Resources and Planning Committee acts as an advisory committee to the President regarding long-term financial planning. It reviews both annual and long-term budgets of the College and it undertakes studies of the college's resource use. Appointed membership includes six faculty, three staff and two students who serve three year terms

Scholarly Publishing Committee
The Scholarly Publishing Committee works with the Library and Media Services by serving as the Editorial Board for the DigitalCommons. In addition the committee provides advice related to policies that support digital and traditional scholarship including copyright for classroom teaching as well as for publishing, author rights, and advising on areas related to adding content and publications to the DigitalCommons and other digital services.

Social Responsibility Committee
Macalester's Social Responsibility Committee will provide advice to the College's administration regarding practices and policies on issues with significant implications for responsible institutional behavior.

Staff Advisory Council (SAC)
Elected body that recommends/ reviews policies affecting staff; provides social and educational opportunities for staff, and appoints/recommends staff representatives to committees. Appointed Members: 4 exempt staff, 5 non-exempt staff.

Staff Affirmative Action Committee
Reviews the status of the staff affirmative action program as well as the operating policies and the procedures affecting affirmative action. Appointed Members: 4 staff.

Staff Outstanding Service Award Committee (SOSAC)
Selects the recipient of the annual Staff Outstanding Service Award. Appointed members: 2 exempt staff, 2 non-exempt staff (1 must serve on SAC), prior year's SOSA recipient.

Staff/Faculty Benefits Advisory Committee
Reviews, discusses, and provides recommendations about the College's employee benefits policies and programs. Appointed Members: 3 staff: one exempt, one non-exempt, one CBU; 2 faculty, 1 member who also sits on RPC.

Student Employment Advisory Committee (SEAC)
This committee serves as a liasion between the Office of Student Employment and the Macalester Community. The committee raises concerns of faculty, staff, and students as well as promotes programs and activities of student employment. SEAC serves in an advisory capacity for the current and future direction of student employment at Macalester College. Appointed Members: 1 chair, 6 staff, 2 students, and 4 Ex Officio/Advisory members.

Student Organization Space Allocation Committee
The Space Allocation Committee is charged with examining the space needs of student organizations and making yearly allocations of available space. Allocated space includes exclusive use space, communal or shared space, and storage space. The committee defines criteria for space allocation, application process for space allocations, and the terms of space use agreement.

Sustainability Advisory Committee
Mission: To oversee the implementation of the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment and the Talloires Declaration. The committee will also recommend policies and practices which best reflect the College's commitment to an environmentally sustainable world. In addition, the committee will function as a conduit for information exchange about campus sustainability initiatives.

Task Force on Budget

Technology Advisory Group (TAG)
TAG is the campus information technology (IT) advisory group. TAG reviews and recommends strategic technology initiatives and specific major IT resource acquisitions. TAG is comprised of students, faculty and staff.

Wellness and Health at Macalester (WHAM)
Promotes health and wellness by sponsoring a variety of programming and providing related resource information. Consists of faculty, staff and students who are interested in promoting health and wellness at Macalester. Appointed Members: Anyone interested.