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Student Organizations


Adelante! is dedicated to increasing awareness and appreciation of U.S. Latina/o, Chicana/o and Latin American culture, politics and society at Macalester. The group addresses local and global issues concerning Latina/os and encourages participation by all individuals both on campus and in the surrounding Twin Cities community.


Afrika! is a student organization committed to nourishing cultural, intellectual, political and economic awareness of the African continent by the Macalester community. Afrika! achieves its objectives through hosting various cultural functions, giving presentations and inviting African Scholars and performers to Macalester.

A Novel Idea

A Novel Idea aims to encourage and foster the love of reading for fun in college students at Macalester. Books are selected on a monthly basis and are discussed and analyzed at weekly meetings.

Art Alliance

Art Alliance is dedicated to the promotion and practice of visual art in a studio setting through weekly meetings focused on live model figure drawing and diverse art workshops.

Asian Pacific Awareness Month

Asian Pacific Awareness Month plans and coordinates events during Asian Pacific Awareness Month, and aims to be a celebration of Asian/Pacific Islander cultures while promoting visibility, cultural awareness, and community building on campus.

Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans (APIDA)

APIDA provides a safe space for Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American identifying students to discuss the political, social, and structural understandings of our common histories.

Bad Comedy

Sketch Comedy on the Bleeding Edge - Bad Comedy provides delicate morsels of carefully prepared sketch-comedy goodness to the Macalester community.

Badminton Club

The Macalester Badminton Club aims to teach badminton to all who are interested in learning and practicing the sport.


BioClub creates a community for biology majors, minors, and enthusiasts. It provides a fun, all-inclusive place for its members from both within and outside of the Biology Department.

Black Liberation Affairs Committee (BLAC)

BLAC seeks to foster a greater understanding of the issues and ideas that touch members of the African Diaspora through cultural, political and social programs.


Chanter is a literary magazine published each spring by students, featuring art and writing from students. We welcome participants from across the college.

Chinese Culture Club

The Chinese Culture Club is an all-inclusive organization that promotes modern Chinese culture and dialogue about current Chinese societal issues both within and outside of the Macalester community.


Chromactics is Macalester's student-run co-ed R&B a cappella group. They perform at various events across campus. Auditions for new members are held at the start of each semester.

Climbing Club

The Climbing Club provides students with a physically challenging recreational activity without the stress of competition. Climbing Club also introduces students to the sport of climbing and teaches skills and methods.

Coed Club Volleyball

Pass, set and hit are three words which should dominate your vocabulary. Play and be mighty.

Coed Crew

Coed Nordic Skiing

Coed Tennis

Complementary Medicine
Complementary and Alternative Medicine’s (CAM) mission is to engage with and provide information on emerging complementary, alternative and integrative aspects of health and medicine. Complementary medicine is a non-mainstream approach to health that functions with conventional medicine while alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine. CAM aims to have monthly meetings and bring in several speakers throughout the year to talk on subjects such as: acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, homeopathy, herbal supplements, energy work, healing touch and flower essences.

Filipino Association at Mac (FAM)

Filipino Association at (FAM) seeks to increase knowledge about Filipino culture and have conversations about Filipino identity and issues.

First-Generation, Low-Income Student Union (FSU)
FSU’s mission is to create a sense of community among students that identify as first-generation and/or low-income (FGLI), provide resources to help members navigate life at Macalester, and build the cultural capital of FGLI students to aid in the navigation of our broader society. FSU achieves its mission by serving as a collective voice for the FGLI community and advocating for members, holding spaces for conversation and relief, and organizing workshops related to financial literacy. Together, we will work toward erasing the shame associated with identities we cannot control.

Fresh Concepts

Fresh Concepts is a comedy group dedicated to educating and entertaining through the medium of improvisation.

Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres

Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres is an official student support organization registered under Doctors Without Borders. Our primary goals are to raise awareness and become a hub for knowledge on MSF work through guest speakers and fundraisers around the larger twin cities.


The GeoClub is an outlet for people who want to explore, share, and expand their earth science knowledge as well as spend some time outdoors.


Green@Mac (formally MacCARES/MULCH) aims to promote all aspects of holistic sustainability and urban gardening. We help seed and harvest the college's MULCH garden (located near the Spanish Language House), grow plants in the OLRI Ruth Stricker Dayton greenhouse, and engage in community service and educational campus events. No experience in gardening or knowledge of sustainability is necessary!

Groove Group

The Groove Group fosters community among musicians at Macalester through jam sessions, performances, discussions, guest speakers, networking, and community service. We aim to be a home base for musicians to meet and form ensembles with one another, and we will offer numerous performance opportunities throughout the year.

Habitat For Humanity

Macalester Habitat for Humanity works with other Twin Cities colleges and high schools to sponsor and build a house every year. HFH also organizes fundraisers, educational opportunities and service trips during Fall and Spring Breaks.

Hackalester is a space for all students interested in web and app development. We sponsor gatherings, presentations, competitions and other events to encourage collaboration and learning. We welcome students of all backgrounds and ability levels. We provide resources for non-majors, people who are new to the field, and people from underrepresented groups in technology.

Health Professions Student Coalition (HPSC)

HPSC is devoted to creating a community for pre-health students and providing resources and guidance for students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare.

High Power Rocketry at Macalester (Mac Rocketry)

Mac Rocketry serves to provide students with the opportunity to build and fly rockets defined as high power by conventional rocketry standards. These rockets are used in intercollegiate rocket-building competitions, to build skills among the students, and provide the ability to do original student research in rocketry.

History Club

History Club is dedicated to bringing students who love history together in a fun, pressure free environment. They seek to discuss various elements of history that interest members, learning about topics that they may not have sought out on our own while creating a more cohesive student body in the department.

Ice Hockey (Men's)

Ice Hockey (Women's)


IfNotNow is a national spiritual and political movement working to end American Jewish support for the occupation. The national movement has a chapter in the Twin Cities and as an org at Macalester we are associated with this chapter while also our own autonomous spiritual and political community on Macalester's campus. We seek to bring our members together through political actions, Jewish spiritual traditions and conversations about the occupation.

Japanese Culture Club

The Japanese Culture Club works to promote a rich understanding of the history, culture, and language of Japan with students at Macalester College, while providing the community with an opportunity to appreciate Japanese culture.

Jewish Voice for Peace

Jewish Voice for Peace is a Jewish led organization dedicated to ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Lacrosse (Women's)

Latinx Student Union (LSU)

The purpose of our organization is to represent, integrate, and celebrate all people of the Latinx diaspora at Macalester and its surrounding areas. This collective raises awareness about Latinx Culture and its roots from Latin America, politics, and identity through dialogue and engagement with the community. The Latinx Student Union believes in liberating and empowering the Latinx community through radical love, social justice, and decolonization.

Macalester Anime

For those who love Japanese Animation, come and enjoy weekly Anime showings with your fellow fans of this increasingly popular art form.

Macalester Association for Sub-Continental Ethnic and Cultural Awareness (MASECA)

MASECA aims to educate the greater Macalester community about the political, social, and/or economical issues facing the Asian Sub-Continent.

Macalester Autism Community

The purpose of this organization is building community and communication between autistic people at Macalester College in order to make the process of unlearning neurotypical and allistic socialization and expectations less isolating. This is a charter for a revised version of the Macalester Autism Community (MAC) of 2019; because of that, its purpose is much the same as MAC’s was. Our primary goal for this organization is to focus on building a sense of community among autistic students at Macalester, which is a shift away from the previous iteration of MAC’s more external focus. There are no other organizations or other student groups focused specifically on autistic students. In the long term, this organization hopes to cultivate social and academic environments attuned to the needs of autistic students through the development of a strong autistic community and sustained educational advocacy.

Macalester Birding Club

The Macalester Birding Club will give the Macalester community a way to learn about birds and appreciate them in natural settings. These settings (parks, preserves, green spaces) will become newly accessible and known to people through participation in the Mac Birding Club outings. Macalester Campus itself will also be a place for birding, giving people more appreciation for nature found right in the city. Through walks led by leaders, with the aid of equipment like binoculars and spotting scopes, people will get the chance to experience the diversity of birds in our area. Those who wish to learn more about identification and other pursuits like bird photography will have the opportunity to learn informally from club leaders who have experience in these areas.

Macalester Christian Fellowship (MCF)

MCF is a group of Christians who seek to glorify God. Their purpose is to help Christians grow in their faith and to be witnesses of God's love.

Macalester College Student Government (MCSG)

MCSG is the student governing body at Macalester. The main goal of MCSG is to provide a voice for all students across campus.

Macalester Compassionate Action for Animals

Macalester Compassionate Action for Animals (MACCAA) is an organization for students passionate about animal welfare and related environmental issues.

Macalester Consulting Group
The Macalester Consulting Group (MCG) is a student organization that prepares students for jobs (and job interviews) in consulting, particularly for firms such as McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, Booz Allen Hamilton, Bain, Analysis Group, Mercer, Accenture, etc. Members will interact and network with consultants from the aforementioned companies, participate in case practices for job interviews, and engage in actual consulting projects.

Macalester Democrats

The Macalester Democrats organize rallies, forums, debates and work on political campaigns for the local DFL and National Democratic Party.

Macalester Film Club

Macalester First Aid (MFA)

MFA promotes a safe and healthy community at Macalester by providing education, service, and outreach centered around emergency medicine to its students, faculty and staff. MFA holds regular CPR/AED classes throughout the semester and offers one EMT course each year during J-Term.

Macalester Gaming Society (MGS)

MGS is devoted to accommodating game-playing on campus, helping gamers find each other, and educating others about gamer culture.

Macalester Hegemonocle

The Hegemonocle is Macalester's first humor magazine which publishes a new edition of the magazine quarterly.

Macalester Investment Group (MIG)

MIG manages the Tartan Fund, originated by donations from Economics Department alumni. MIG provides a real-world group setting for students to learn about investing in companies and helps manage the group's own $30,000 portfolio.

Macalester Jewish Organization (MJO)

MJO is an interdenominational group that plans events surrounding the Jewish holidays as well as cultural, volunteer, and entertainment activities.

Macalester Korean Cultural Organization (MacKCO)

The Korean Culture Organization encourages broad participation from all members of the Macalester community who wish to learn about and celebrate aspects of Korean culture.

Macalester Martial Arts Club (MMAC)

MMAC is dedicated to teaching and learning martial arts. Instructors are students who have attained a high rank in the martial arts style and wish to share their interest and experience with the Macalester community.

Macalester Model United Nations (MacMUN)

Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations in which participants represent different countries to debate and write resolutions about topics on the United Nations' agenda. Most topics of discussion are current, and through this activity, you will learn to develop diplomacy, negotiation and public speaking skills.

Macalester Moral Sciences Club

Macalester Moral Sciences Club aims to make the topic of philosophy accessible, well-represented, and fun for the entire Macalester community regardless of major or skill level, and to promote critical thinking, questioning, and curiosity.

Macalester Muslim Student Association (MSA)

MSA provides a space for Muslim students to come together and talk about religion and beliefs.

Macalester Pre-Dental
The purpose of Macalester Pre-Dental Society is to provide students with resources that help guide their studies and goals for future admission to dental school. We aim to host alumni panels and host speakers, provide free volunteer opportunities in dental clinics, work with dental schools and dental programs nearby, provide information about various dental careers, and provide academic guidance to students interested in pursuing a dental career.

Macalester QuestBridge Scholars Network (QSN)
The Macalester QuestBridge Scholars Network (QSN) community aims to support members through multiple levels of engagement in college, including self engagement in holistic growth, community engagement with the National QSN, and broader civic engagement through public service. We are dedicated to strengthening our on-campus presence and supporting other QuestBridge Scholars, first-generation, low-income, and BIPOC students as they navigate their college experiences.

Macalester Quidditch

Macalester Quidditch dedicated to playing the United States Quidditch Association’s version of the sport of Quidditch. The club supports the team in practices, scrimmages, tournaments, and other events that build community and empower all genders to compete together.

Macalester Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is an organization that gives students an opportunity to participate in trivia in both a friendly and competitive environment. Quiz Bowl travels several times a semester to compete in tournaments around Minnesota.

Macalester Street Journal (MSJ)
The purpose of the Macalester Street Journal (MSJ) is to provide an open-access publishing opportunity to the Macalester community on the subjects of politics and economics. The MSJ's goal is to publish in the pursuit of economic and political understanding through the cultivation of learned undergraduate research and opinion.

Macalester Table Tennis Club

The purpose of the Macalester Table Tennis Club is to help the Macalester community have access to table tennis and enjoy the sport while improving their skills. This organization will help enhance accessibility to the game by adding more playing equipment, through organized playing times, and popularizing/mainstreaming the sport. This club will also facilitate in connecting people interested in table tennis and build community and relationships through playing this sport. For those who want to train more seriously, there will also be opportunities to learn fundamental skills of table tennis and improve their game.

Macalester Traditions (Trads)

The Trads are Macalester's only all-male a cappella group. Their unconventional style of performance and arrangements makes them unique and provides entertainment for people in and around the Macalester community.

Macalester Young Artists for Revolutionary Needlework (MacYARN)

The primary focus for MacYARN is to gather fiber enthusiasts to share their common interests. The group also teaches knitting and crocheting to those who wish to learn and work collectively to create items for charity projects.

Mac Bike

MacBike works to promote bicycling at Macalester and throughout the Twin Cities. We hold weekly open shops and rides throughout the semester to make biking fun and accessible to everyone.

Mac Chess

Macalester Chess Club is a space where Macalester students can play chess recreationally or competitively. We educate students new to the game and provide more advanced players with the opportunity to study and compete.

Mac Cyphers

Mac Cyphers aims to provide space for non-dancers to find joy in dancing, to express themselves and connect with others through a cypher (hip hop dance freestyle session) and bring a vibrant hip-hop culture to Macalester. We aim to provide a safe space for people of all levels in dance experience, to enjoy dancing without having to go to parties or be around substances. We also aim to provide a safe space for students of all backgrounds to learn to take space on campus.

MacFEAST (Food, Ethics, Advocacy, and Sustainable Transitions)

The purpose of MacFEAST is to create and sustain changes in the Macalester community, increase awareness surrounding food issues, and establish and cultivate a relationship between Bon Appetit and the Macalester students, faculty, and staff.

Mac Open Mic

To provide a safe and welcoming space for students of all performance backgrounds to share their art and build their skill in front of a supportive and enthusiastic group of peers, through events such as regular on campus open mics, opportunities to participate in external open mics, and karaoke nights. To allow Macalester students the chance to step out of their comfort zone and connect with the Mac community through performance art, be it by playing an original song, reading a story, performing spoken word poetry (in a non-competitive context), reciting a piece on classical guitar, reading a dramatic monologue, rocking out a cover tune, or simply belting along to their favorite karaoke song. We aim to strengthen community among performance artists--and any students interested in the performing arts--by creating a fun and welcoming place to socialize, get to know one another, and enjoy each other's art.

Mac Pep Band

Mac Pep Band provides a fun, creative outlet for Macalester student musicians. Mac Pep Band strives to provide a lively, encouraging, and engaging atmosphere for athletic spectators and participants by playing music during Macalester sporting events.

Mac Players

Mac Players is a student-run theater organization that produces 3-4 performances each year. The goal of Mac Players is to provide a venue for students to collaborate and realize theatrical visions that reach out to the entire campus.


MacSlams gives students a venue to learn about and participate in slam poetry. Students participate in monthly slams and workshops to improve their writing and performing skills.

Mac Swing Dance

Mac Swing intends to teach members to dance west coast swing through weekly lessons and practice dances.

Mac Weekly

Mac Weekly has been Macalester's independent student newspaper since 1914. It serves as the campus' premier source of information and a forum for debate. It is a valuable experience for those interested in writing, editing, layout, photography and web design.

Men of Color Collective
The mission of the MOCC is to create a strong close-knit community among the men of color at Macalester College. We will host at-large community events as well events/meetings for individuals who indicate they want to become official members and/or facilitators of the Men of Color Collective. We aim to support one another in our personal, academic, and professional pursuits, while also having fun and building long lasting, meaningful relationships. Ultimately we seek to create an alumni network that supports current and future men of color that come through Macalester in their personal, academic and professional pursuits.

MoAT (Mac of All Trades)

MoAT aims to foster community outside of the Mac bubble by performing free concerts for the larger Twin Cities community.

Moot Court

The purpose of Macalester Moot Court is to allow students the opportunity to compete in inter-collegiate Moot Court competitions. Additionally, Macalester Moot Court will provide students in POLI 206 and 207 the opportunity to engage in co-curricular experiential learning, while allowing the community to develop their legal knowledge and public speaking skills. Macalester Moot Court commits itself to providing the unique opportunity to expose students to the study of constitutional law and appellate litigation that cannot otherwise be found on campus. Through involvement with Macalester Moot Court, students will have the opportunity to win accolades and awards at the national level on behalf of Macalester and continue the college’s legacy as a national top 30 Moot Court program. Additionally, it will provide those in the Macalester Community interested in pre-law the opportunity to further engage with the field while having fun and meeting a group of like-minded individuals.

Outing Club

The Outing Club offers adventure in the great outdoors through inexpensive trips, reasonable gear rental and expedition-planning assistance.

Pool Club

Our purpose as an organization is to provide anyone who is interested in pool a place to gather. A place where we can discuss what is happening in the current pool scene, technique development, and strategies to use when playing pool. Once we are able to gather in person, a place to play pool together!

Pre-Veterinary Club

Macalester Pre-Vet Org seeks to support students in their endeavors to become future veterinary health professionals or animal care staff. In addition to learning about pre-veterinary school requirements and veterinary careers, members can also explore different career paths within the animal care industry. There are no other Macalester Pre-Vet Organizations or related orgs where students can learn about animal related careers, volunteer or work opportunities, or the veterinary school application process. There are no pre-vet specific advisors either, so our org would fill an important role needed at Macalester. The organization will serve to connect members to the community through volunteering, job, and internship opportunities. We would also be serving the Macalester community through providing essential information to pre-vet students.

Pride Athletes At Macalester (PAAM)
PAAM’s mission is to create a safe space for Intramural, Club and Varsity LGBTQIA+ athletes. Our focuses include cultivating a space of inclusion in the athletic department, teaming with the administration to ensure a safe and equitable environment for all LGBTQIA+ athletes, and creating community across sports and the Macalester campus in general.

Program Board

The Program Board is the programmatic arm of MCSG. PB is responsible for cultural, educational, and social programming on campus.

Proud Indigenous People for Education (PIPE)

PIPE strives to create dialogue and an awareness of issues affecting American Indian and other Indigenous peoples.

Rugby (Men's)

Rugby (Women's)


The Sirens are Mac's only all-female, student-run a cappella group. The Sirens perform at various events on and off campus throughout the year, including an end-of-semester concert with the Macalester Traditions. Auditions for new members are held at the start of each semester.

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The SAAC provides a way to address the needs and concerns of student-athletes at Macalester. We are involved in community service, and have events that enhance the quality of life for all students.

Sunrise Movement Macalester

Mac Sunrise takes inspiration from the national Sunrise Movement to take action against climate change. Our goal is to promote student advocacy around climate justice and equity. Students have and will continue to take action in favor of progressive climate policies like Minnesota's Green New Deal by organizing and executing mass calls to representatives, office visits, and peaceful protests.


TapTHAT is a tap and clogging dance group. No experience necessary –– all levels are welcome. No tap/clogging shoes needed, but if you have them, bring them!

Ua Ke (Hmong Student Organization)

Ua Ke, means together in the Hmong community. Ua Ke's goals are to inform and raise awareness in the Macalester community about Hmong history, people and culture and to reach out to the local Hmong community in the twin cities.

Ultimate Frisbee (Men's)

Ultimate Frisbee (Women's)

Vietnamese Cultural Organization (VCO)

The purpose of the Vietnamese Cultural Organization (VCO) is to serve Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese students who are interested in Vietnamese culture, history and issues.

Water Polo (Men's)

One of the best ways to beat the Minnesota winters is to avoid them. Stay indoors and play a sport requiring stamina, dexterity, and goggles.

WMCN 91.7 FM

This free-form community radio station offers a variety of programming from indie-rock to hip-hop, as well as live in-studio bands and call-in talk shows.

Women in Economics (WIE)

WIE creates an arena for discussion on issues and challenges facing women majoring in economics. WIE provides support and guidance for female Macalester economics majors.

Writing Club

The goal of Macalester Writing Club is create a space for Macalester writers to share their creative writing works, get constructive feedback, and connect with other writers with whatever medium of writing that they desire (nonfiction, prose, or poetry). In addition, we will strengthen writing skills through quick fun writing exercises. This club will provide a space for all creative writers to share their work as well as for creative writers to both participate in writing exercises as well as discuss creative writing. We will build a positive community of writers with a safe space to share their work in privacy in a judgment-free zone without the pressure of grades or deadlines.


X-ertion is a dance group that dances to various types of music from all/any Asian countries.

Young Democratic Socialists of America

Our purpose on campus is to be a center for leftist politics and engagement. We advocate against unfettered capitalism, and champion the power of the working-class. Our meetings are open to all who want to get politically involved in the wider Twin Cities area as well as on campus. At our general meetings we bring in speakers and teach students what their worker and tenant rights are, how to unionize a work place, and are working on other areas of education. We are connected with the Twin Cities DSA and occasionally go to the events as a group.