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Students carry the flags of all countries represented on campus during special events.

International Development

The concentration in international development provides students with a series of classes which examine long-run transitions in social, economic, political, and cultural institutions that have accompanied industrialization in modern states, particularly focusing on states in the Global South. The concentration seeks to understand how these historical and contemporary shifts affect people's welfare and opportunities and further how change has affected patterns of wealth and resource distribution within and between countries.

International Development

A concentration in International Development requires six courses. These six courses must come from at least three different departments and no more than three courses may come from any single department and no more than two courses coming from a department in which a student is majoring. In addition, a student completing another concentration may include no more than two courses from that plan on an International Development concentration plan.

List of approved courses (updated periodically)

ANTH 294 Gender and Development in Africa
ANTH 363 - Anthropology of Development
ECON 221 - Introduction to International Economics
ECON 229 - World Economic History
ECON 239 - Economics of Global Food Problems
ECON 426 - International Economic Development Capstone
EDUC 460 - Education and Social Change
ENVI 232 - Food, Agriculture and the Environment
ENVI 368 - Sustainable Development and Global Future
ENVI 343 - Imperial Nature: The United States and the Global Environment
GEOG 243 - Geography of Africa: Local Resources and Livelihoods in a Global Context
GEOG 249 - Environment and Society in Latin America
GEOG 363 - Geography of Development and Underdevelopment
GEOG 477 - Comparative Environment and Development: A Seminar in Political Ecology
INTL 282 - Introduction to International Public Health
INTL 301 - Power and Development in Africa
INTL 382 - Poverty, Health, and Development
INTL 489 - Senior Seminar: Capitalism and World (Dis)Order
MCST 321 - Cultures of Neoliberalism
POLI 140 - Foundations of Comparative Politics
POLI 242 - Political Economy of Development
POLI 221 - Global Governance
POLI 246 - Comparative Democratization
POLI 320 - Global Political Economy
SOCI 250 - Nonprofit Organizations
SOCI 294 Economic Sociology
WGSS 220 - Feminist Reconstructions: Indian