The purpose of this policy is to define the responsibilities and guidelines of the uStore contact. Not following this document could result in termination of your uStore and/or group having a store in the future.

Keeping up your uStore Requires the Following:

Fulfilling Orders– When someone orders a physical item the store contact is in charge of “fulfilling” that order. This means that the order is shipped and then marked as fulfilled so the credit card is charged. General payments and events are automatically fulfilled.

Printing Reports– with Marketplace you are able to print revenue reports as frequently as you would like! These reports will show you how much money is coming in for specific items.

Cancels– If someone contacts you saying that they changed their mind and they don’t want to order/donate to the item, you would need to cancel their order. This can only take place before the item is fulfilled and with physical items.

Refunds– Sometimes someone will contact you stating that they want their money back.  The store contact determines if a refund is warranted, and notifies customers how to return items, if applicable. Each store sets their own refund policies for thie customers. (i.e. “Registrations cancelled before 1/1/14, will receive a refund of registration fees minus a $10 processing fee. Registrations cancelled on or after 2/1/14, will receive no refund. Please contact ‘Contact Name‘ at ‘Contact email‘ or ‘Contact phone‘ with any questions.”

Refunds will always be applied to the credit card which originally placed the order. Marketplace does not have access to this credit card number. When a Marketplace payment was made from a checking account (ACH payment), a refund will be issued via a check request after aftercompleting the refund steps.

Adding Items– It is possible to add additional items after the uStore has been created. If you are interested in adding an item(s), contact Aimee Baxter at

Appropriate Items–  Make sure to check with existing Macalester College policies in order to make sure the uStore is permissible.  If something is questionable, ask your supporting staff member.

Timely Manner– By taking on the responsibility of a store contact you need to respond to your customers in a timely manner. Therefore, the item(s) should be shipped by the date you set.

Payment Search–  The store contact is able to look up information on collected payments.

Fraud– This is a serious crime and will immediately be reported to the appropriate authorities within Macalester College. Reporting fraud to outside authorities will follow policies and legal mandates as followed within Business Services.

Minimums-  For the best use of Business Service’s time, you will need to estimate that at least 10 items will be sold or collected and equal a total of $500 or more. (E.g.10 tickets  for $50 each = $500 total). You will need to use a different method if you are estimate selling less than this.

Training and Staff Back up-  For those sites who have products that update throughout the year, the department staff who works with the Marketplace site is expected to keep up with training on the latest changes to Marketplace provided by Business Services.   Additionally, a back up staff member within the department should be knowledgeable about the Department’s Marketplace site and how to make changes.    

Not Following These Responsibilities and Guidelines:

Not following the responsibilities and guidelines could result in termination of your uStore and/or from you or your group being able to have a uStore in the future.

Directions for a uStore:


Directions for a Specific Customized Option: