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Rental Listing Information

    • The Office of Student Affairs at Macalester College neither researches nor verifies the information provided by potential landlords for rental properties, off-campus housing listings or resource guide.
    • Rental listings are added as they are received through the “List a Rental” form and are posted throughout the year.  Sorry, we are unable to post images.  Please be patient, the form submission process is manually done by humans…your submission is not automatically added to the website.
    • Listings will remain on our webpage for at least thirty days, and will be reviewed and removed after 120 days. If you do not see your listing, feel free to submit a new one.
    • In addition to the rental listings submitted by the “pubic at large” on the Off Campus Living website, there is an additional Off Campus Housing Need/Interest form available for Macalester College students ONLY, where housing needs can be shared with other Mac students for networking purposes. Interested Macalester students should complete the FORM and view RESPONSES to see if there are others with the same/similar needs. Please be mindful of others’ privacy and do not share personal contact information for yourself or others when completing the form. Form responses will be reviewed and updated regularly and postings older than 120 days will be evaluated/removed in order to keep the information up to date. Questions? Email
    • Landlords, please notify us by email to when your property is no longer available so we can remove the listing.
    • Students, please notify us by email to if you encounter fraudulent or suspicious rental listings, questionable practices or want to share a good or bad landlord experience.
    • If you are interested in listing a rental property or roommate search, please complete the Listing Request Form.