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On-Campus Research

Summer 2024 Research with Macalester Faculty

The summer 2024 application cycle is now closed. If you’re interested in working with one of the faculty members below, ask them about their projects and consider applying next year!


Boyer-“Diversity and Evolution of Arachnids”

Dosch/Anderson-“Ecology at Ordway: An Integrated Summer of Experiential Learning Research”

Dosch/Anderson (Young Researchers Positions)-“Research on Global Change Ecology at Ordway Field Station”

Heskel-“Measuring Saint Paul’s ‘Shade Gap’ and street trees’ role mediating climate”

Rivera-“Optimizing protein precipitation methods in human nail analysis”

Tonc-“Characterization of mast cell and fibroblast contributions to chronic vulvar pain”

Tong-“Extracellular Matrix is Necessary for the Persistence of Olfactory Perceptual Learning”


Cao-“Organic Materials Synthesis”

Fischer-“Synthetic InorganicChemistry of Phenyltris(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl)borates and Related Ligands”

Splan-“Research in Bioinorganic Chemistry”

Witus-“Catalytic peptides and enzyme-polymer conjugates for biomedical applications”

Environmental Studies

Bradtmiller-“Paleoclimate and Oceanography Research Using Deep Sea Sediments”

O’Connell-“Ecosystem Climate Feedbacks in Tropical Forests: Field Work in Puerto Rico’s Luquillo Experimental Forest”


MacGregor-“Environmental Change in Glacier National Park, Montana”


Arehalli-“Predictive Processing in Language Production & Comprehension”

Herstedt-“Analysis of Discrete Zero-Dimensional Dynamical Systems”

Jackson-“Drawing from Life in Extended Reality: Advancing Cross-Reality User Interfaces for Observational 3D Sketching”

Fox-“Deep Learning for Robot Navigation”

Fox (Young Researchers Positions)-“Deep Learning for Robot Navigation”

Grinde-“Statistical genetics in populations with mixed ancestry”

Marsh -“Online Privacy in Chinese Fandom”

Mitchell-“Math Corps camp and/or Numerical Methods for Fluid Flows”

Peña-“Design and Evaluation of Computing Workshops for Professional Non-programmers”

Ziegelmeier-“Topological Data Analysis of Knowledge Networks”


Maddux-“Cholinergic mechanisms of Pavlovian conditioned approach behavior in rats”

Pezalla-“An exploration into the meaning of gentle parenting”


Heyman-“Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy of Novel Photoconductors”

Williams-“Extragalactic Magnetic Fields”

Young Researchers Positions (Biology/ES and Computer Science)

Dosch/Anderson-“Research on Global Change Ecology at Ordway Field Station”

Fox-“Deep Learning for Robot Navigation”