Nora Kassner—2012 Fellow

Nora Kassner

Year: Class of 2014
Youth Organizing Against the Anti-Marriage Amendment with Jewish Community Action

This summer, I am working as a part of Jewish Community ACtion’s core team to defeat the Anti-Marriage Amendment. JCA sits on the Faith Table of Minnesotans United for All Families, and my work furthers JCA’s engagement with this campaign by adding in intergenerational, multiracial components that highlight the diversity of Minnesotan voices affected by the proposed amendment. Aspects of my work with youth include: social media from facebook to tumblr (likely tumblr acct:, direct action campaigns, and much more.

I am committed to creating communities that recognize and respect all its members. This summer is allowing me to explore community organizing as one of the many possible paths to live out this commitment. Where will it take me next? Who knows? When I’m not out talking to people, I’m reading Greek and Latin, or working with a Mac student org from the Institute for Global Citizenship to MacPlayers, and much more.

This summer has given me the chance to explore what my core values are and begin to find ways to put them into practice. Most of all, I thank everyone involved in the Chuck Green Fellowship for giving me the chance to live out my wildest dreams of what I am capable of. .