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Develop your engineering skills, creativity, and confidence.

Gain the benefits of a liberal arts education while preparing yourself for a professional career in several areas of engineering.

A broad background in the humanities and social sciences is crucial to the successful modern practice of engineering. Engineers with a liberal arts background are poised to advance in technical management and to play major roles in solving increasingly complex societal problems.

Why study pre-engineering at Macalester?

Macalester offers a variety of curricular and co-curricular programming for students from diverse backgrounds to prepare for careers in engineering. Many Macalester students major in mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics, biology, geography, and economics. For aspiring engineers, the advantages of attending Macalester include:

  • The ability to study diverse disciplines as an undergraduate and still earn a professional engineering degree in graduate school
  • The opportunity to pursue other academic, athletic, or extracurricular interests
  • The opportunity to study science broadly

Macalester students are trained as scientists. You will receive an excellent background in science and mathematics that prepares you well for technical studies in engineering as well as opening a path to graduate studies in engineering.

Throughout your education, you’ll be guided by a faculty pre-engineering adviser who will help you with choosing your classes and later choices about graduate schools and employment.

Life after Macalester

Popular areas for graduate school studies by Macalester students include: biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, and chemical engineering.

Pre-engineering in the cities

Students may pursue summer research opportunities in engineering at the University of Minnesota, just 4.8 miles from campus.

The Twin Cities are home to many top companies for engineers including 3M, Barr Engineering, Medtronic, Target Corporation, UnitedHealth Group/Optum, and Xcel Energy.

The Twin Cities are home to annual tech, analytics, and data science conferences like Minnebar and MinneMUDAC that are also open to students.