Class No. Title Professor
100-01 Introduction to Psychology Jeffrey Bye
100-02 Introduction to Psychology Cory Fleck
100L Introduction to Psychology Lab Jamie Atkins
180 Brain, Mind, and Behavior Deborah Kreiss
194-02 Intro to Cognitive Science Jeffrey Bye
201 Research in Psychology I Steve Guglielmo
220 Educational Psychology Tina Kruse
240 Principles of Learning and Behavior Julia Manor
242 Cognitive Psychology R. Brooke Lea
243 Psychological Anthropology Olga González
244 Cognitive Neuroscience E. Darcy Burgund
246 Exploring Sensation and Perception Julia Manor
248 Behavioral Neuroscience Eric Wiertelak
250 Developmental Psychology Cari Gillen-O’Neel
254 Social Psychology Steve Guglielmo
258 Industrial/Organizational Psychology Grabow,Halperin
264 Psychology of Gender Morgan Jerald
270 Psychology of Sustainable Behavior Christie Manning
272 Health Psychology Jaine Strauss
294 Industrial Organizational Psychology

Karen Grabow

301 Research in Psychology II Cari Gillen-O’Neel
368-01 Psychology of Disability Joan Ostrove
370 Understanding & Confronting Racism Kendrick Brown
374 Clinical and Counseling Psychology Brian Rood
380 Community Psychology and Public Health Jaine Strauss
385 Mind Reading: Understanding Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Darcy Burgund
394-01 Intelligence Ariel N. James
394-02 Memory Katrina Schleisma
401 Directed Research in Psychology R. Brooke Lea
490 Behavioral and Experimental Economics Pete Ferderer