Class No. Title Professor
100-01 Introduction to Psychology Cari Gillen-O’Neel
100-02 Introduction to Psychology Corey Fleck
100L Introduction to Psychology Lab Jamie Atkins
100-F1 Introduction to Psychology Cari Gillen-O’Neel
201 Research in Psychology I Brooke Lea
220 Educational Psychology Tina Kruse
242 Cognitive Psychology Ariel James
244 Cognitive Neuroscience Darcy Burgund
248 Behavioral Neuroscience Eric Wiertelak
254 Social Psychology Steve Guglielmo
258 Industrial/Organizational Psychology Grabow, Halperin
264 The Psychology of Gender Rebecca Bigler
270 Psychology of Sustainable Behavior Christie Manning
272 Health Psychology Jaine Strauss
294-01 Mental Health and Well-Being in US Schools Tina Kruse
301-01 Research in Psychology II Cari Gillen-O’Neel
301-02 Research in Psychology II Annie Pezalla
377 Moral Psychology Steve Guglielmo
380 Community Psychology and Public Health Jaine Strauss
390 Pain and Suffering Eric Wiertelak
394-01 Family Relationships Annie Pezalla
394-02 Trauma, Individuals, and Society Tracey Wilkins
401 Directed Research in Psych Brooke Lea, Ariel James & Annie Pezalla
402 Clinical Science Capstone Jaine Strauss