Underrepresented Populations, Paradigms, and Perspectives (UP³) 

UP³ courses have as their central theme one or more of the following:

  • A focus on historically underrepresented perspectives, paradigms, or populations in psychology
  • A critical lens on issues of power and privilege in the field
  • An analysis of the implications of exclusion or marginalization in the field of psychology or on psychological experience

    Current courses:

    •  Psychology 194—Minding the Body
    •  Psychology 243/Anthropology 243—Psychological Anthropology
    •  Psychology 264—Psychology of Gender
    •  Psychology 266—History of Psychology
    •  Psychology 364—Lives in Context
    •  Psychology 370—Understanding and Confronting Racism
    •  Psychology 380—Community Psychology and Public Health
    •  Psychology 394—Social Identities in Developing Lives

      Past courses that fulfill this requirement:

      •  Psychology 194—Psychology of Immigration and Acculturation
      •  Psychology 488—Development in Context