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Degree Evaluations


DegreeWorks is an adaptable degree evaluation system that offers dramatic improvements upon our previous system. The college is using DegreeWorks to determine which general requirements a student still needs to meet, along with the remaining requirements of declared majors, minors and concentrations based on the College Catalog. If an exception needs to be made, contact your department chair. They will make a note on a student’s record and then the exception will be processed.

Access Denied? Are you receiving the message “Access Denied” when attempting to access DegreeWorks? If your college-wide network password includes an ampersand (&), change your password to exclude ampersands and your access issue should be resolved.


Log onto 1600grand and on the Faculty tab. There you’ll find a link to DegreeWorks. In the top left corner you’ll find a magnifying glass.

Click the magnifying glass to begin searching for a student. There are many search options for you to choose from. When you’ve made your selections, click “Search”. A list of students will appear at the bottom of the Find Students pop-up. Select the student(s) you’re interested in and then click “OK”.

Please be aware that if you use the Notes feature, any note you make will be visible to the student and to all other advisors.


Log onto 1600grand and on the Student Tab to find the link to enter DegreeWorks.