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Preferred and Recognized Name

Anywhere that your legal name is not required by a business need, law, or regulation, Macalester can use your preferred or recognized name. These uses of preferred or recognized name include class rosters, email communications, surveys, directory, Dean’s List, Housing Assignment program, announcements to hometown newspapers, etc. To update your preferred name please complete the Preferred Name Form. If you are transgender or gender non-conforming and your legal name isn’t what you’d like to use, please email Matthew Sherman to start using a recognized name and/or gender–we need to take a few extra measures to ensure things work well for you.

Faculty and staff may contact Employment Services for assistance with names.

Legal Name

If you have not elected to use a preferred or recognized name, your legal name will be used across the college. If you do have a preferred or recognized name, your legal name will still be used on your official academic record, transcript and anywhere else that your legal name has been deemed to best serve you and the college, including insurance claims, medical records, immigration information, tax forms and loan documents.

Students wishing to change their legal name on file with the college must provide acceptable documentation of the new legal name: marriage certificate, social security card, passport, driver’s license or court order. Upon receipt and verification of this documentation, the Registrar’s Office will change the student’s legal name in the the central database and notify other offices. There will be an internal record kept of the former name to help prevent confusion. At the Registrar’s Office discretion, minor changes (e.g., spelling corrections) may also be made. In such cases, the student may be required to provide documentation to support the change.

Diploma Name

Use of your legal name on your diploma is recommended, especially for international students, but it is not required. Using your legal name will help you in the event that an employer or government wants to match your diploma to your academic record. The diploma name is submitted on the Declaration of Intent to Graduate form. There is a substantial fee to replace your diploma should a change be required.