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About Our Transcripts

Accreditation: Macalester College is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Course Credit:
· Prior to Fall 1963, credits were based on semester hours and the college used the following grade point system: A=3, B=2, C=1, D=0, F=0.
· Fall 1963 to Fall 1993, each course unit was the equivalent of 4 semester credits or 6 quarter credits.
· Effective Fall 1993, Macalester converted to the semester credit system.


Grade Points


Grade Points


S (C- or better)

 A- 3.7

D (S/D/NC option)


NC (S/D/NC option)


I (incomplete)

B- 2.7  

W (withdrawal)

C+  2.3 

NR (not reported)

 C 2.0

IP (in progress)


 C- 1.7  
 D 1.0  
NC  0.0  

Course Numbers: Beginning fall 2003, a new course numbers system is in effect:

1963-Summer 2003 Effective Fall 2003

  • Undergraduate credit courses 1 – 99 100 – 649
  • Undergraduate non-credit courses* 100 – 399 1 – 99
    Completion of the appropriate sequence of these courses will earn credit.
  • Graduate level courses 400 – 599 650 – 699

Miscellaneous: Other course designations appearing in the transcript are:

AU – Augsburg College course

HA – Hamline University course

SC – St. Catherine University course

ST – University of St. Thomas course

MCAD – Minneapolis College of Art and Design course

UM – University of Minnesota course

  • Grades for courses transferred to Macalester, and for some Macalester Approved Study Away Programs, are not included in the cumulative grade point average computation.
  • Macalester College does not compute a rank in class.