Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities, also referred to as ACTC, is a consortium of five liberal arts colleges in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, formed to develop cooperative programs and offer cross-registration to their students. The five participating schools are: Macalester College, University of St. Thomas, St. Catherine University, Hamline University, and Augsburg College.

Please consult the Registrar’s Office at your home school for any questions you may have about cross-registration. Cross-registered courses appear on the transcript of the student’s home school.

Macalester has approved fall and spring term liberal arts courses as appropriate for cross-registration.

Macalester students: Please be aware that the academic calendars between the schools may differ, which means that start and end dates may not correspond with those at Macalester. The difference in the calendars may mean that your final grade for your ACTC course won’t be available at the same time as your Mac final grades.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Macalester College takes part in an exchange with the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, in which students can cross-register for classes. Please consult the Registrar’s Office about which MCAD courses are suitable for cross-registration. MCAD Intranet.