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Engaging Our Questions Through Sacred Texts

Interfaith Text Study

The chaplains of the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life offer a monthly interfaith text study in which we lift up a theme and explore texts which offer ancient wisdom about this theme. In sharing these sacred texts and teachings from diverse traditions we hope that participants will be enriched in their inquiry, understanding, and appreciation of diverse religious, secular, and humanist traditions, and gain insight into significant questions of our contemporary lives.

Tradition-Specific Text Studies

Our lives as human beings in this world are full of deep questions, and we are not the first ones to ask them.  In four learning circles each week, we explore sacred texts of Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and Christianity. We bring new meaning to the texts and to our own questions as we reconnect with ancient stories, figures, and wisdom; question the texts and generations of their interpreters and articulate our own interpretations; wrestle with the challenges of our own time and lives; connect with each other and hear each other’s voices; and consider avenues towards sustainable and nourishing spiritual practice.

  • Halaqa
  • Torah and Rabbinic Text Study – Fridays, 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM in the CRSL

Off-Campus Resources

Places of Worship in the Twin Cities
A list of places to attend services in the Twin Cities, broken down by faith tradition.

Theological Education Exploration (PDF)

Please contact Kelly J. Stone for more information about theological education exploration.


Further Reading

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