The Reunion Committee is putting together an online memorial to remember Class of 1970 classmates who have passed. Individuals with an arrow beside their name link to a PDF document with photos and notes submitted by classmates. If you wish to share any additional memories,  please send photos or remembrances for the classmates listed below to

This page was updated on July 21, 2020

Terry Allen

David Allen

Bobby Anderson

Paul Anderson

Steven Bennett

Jim Berg

Michael Best

Linda Maro Bestworth
Name at Mac: Linda Louise Betsworth

David Brucato

Brian Buss

Rheba Carlson
Name at Mac: Rheba Brumberg

Yael Doan

Robert Duffy Jr.

John Eayrs

Margaret Folendorf Penn
Name at Mac: Margaret A. Folendorf

Candice Aeziman Fuss

Janet Glaeser Bailey
Name at Mac: Janet Glaeser

Rosemary Golz Kalm
Name at Mac: Rosemary J. Golz

Kurt Graffunder

Richard Greenwood

Susan L. Hail

Robert Huber

John Katzantonis

Gene Kranz

Richard Krein

Katherine Lane Martin
Name at Mac: Kathi Stuart Lane

Paula Lindberg

Douglas Macomber

Bruce Madsen

Betty Jane Main
Name at Mac: Betty Jane Schoenfelder

Janet McMenamin
Name at Mac: Janet McCullah

James McNeilly

Linda Dickhoff Mellen
Name at Mac: Linda Dickhoff

Joyce Mellstrom

Wesley James Miller

Julie Olsson Graham
Name at Mac: Julie Ann Olsson

George Pappas

Jane Parkins Eagles
Name at Mac: Jane Dacey Parkins

Marie Pelkola Nelson
Name at Mac: Marie Pelkola

Stephen D. Peterson

Gary Ranta

Shirley Rask Gimm
Name at Mac: Shirley Lou Rask

Susan Rhodes Bye
Name at Mac: Susan Rhodes

Serene A. Schanfield

Rhonda Smith Cox
Name at Mac: Rhonda Marie Smith

Robert W. Snell

Nancy Sturgeon Dynneson
Name at Mac: Nancy Beth Sturgeon

John Stusek

Joel Suzuki

Joyce Kay Takekawa

Dianne Turnball Kalnitz
Name at Mac: Dianne Roberta Turnball

Timothy Welch

Elmer Buzz Whitepipe

Catherine Louise Wood

Beryl J. Wright