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Student Employment Advisory Committee

About Us

The Student Employment Advisory Committee (SEAC) acts as a liaison to the Office of Student Employment and works to foster a program that effectively serves student employees, supervisors, and the College. SEAC addresses the concerns of faculty, staff and students with regard to student employment and of those who supervise student employees. The committee also serves the Student Employment Office in an advisory capacity in determining the current and future direction of student employment at Macalester College.

Student Employee of the Year Nominations

Nominations are now being accepted for Macalester’s Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) Award. The intent of this award is to recognize the outstanding contributions and achievements that student employees make at Macalester. Macalester’s SEOTY winner will be submitted for State, Regional and National consideration. In addition to the Student Employee of the Year, the selection committee will recognize multiple Outstanding Student Employees. The Student Employment Advisory Committee (SEAC) will be reviewing nominations and selecting the SEOTY. The deadline for submitting nominations is Monday, February 26.

We Want to Hear from You

2023-2024 SEAC Representatives

Small Employers

-Gabriel Wardin, Residential Life
-Carla Zelada, History/ Classical Mediterranean & Middle East
-Claire Edwards, Event Management

Medium Employers

-Abbey Kamin, Macalester Fund
-Molly Rochon, International Students Program
-Meriem Alaoui, French and Francophone Studies

Large Employers

-Johanna Solem, Facilities
-Stephanie Alden, MAX Center

Student Representatives

-Sylvia Choi
-Ella Skranka

Additional Advisory Members

-Jaelynn Blenkush, Human Resources, ex-officio
-Jenae Schmidt, Financial Aid, Advisory Member

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