The Student Employment Advisory Committee acts as a liaison to the Office of Student Employment and works to foster a program that effectively serves student employees, supervisors, and the College. SEAC addresses the concerns of faculty, staff and students with regard to student employment and of those who supervise student employees. The committee also serves the Student Employment Office in an advisory capacity in determining the current and future direction of student employment at Macalester College.

SEAC meets monthly and is comprised of campus-wide representatives. Members agree to serve a consecutive three-year term. It is each representative’s responsibility to maintain contact with the sector he/she/they represent. Any issues or concerns should be brought to the committee’s attention through the sector representative.


Nominations are now being accepted for Macalester’s 2021-2022 Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) Awards

The intent of this award is to recognize the outstanding contributions and achievements that students employees make at Macalester. In addition to the Student Employee of the Year, the selection committee will recognize multiple Outstanding Student Employees. 

Macalester’s SEOTY winner will be submitted for State, Regional and National consideration. 

Nominations should be in letter format (2 page maximum) and include the following requirements:

  • Briefly describe why you are submitting the student for recognition
  • Briefly outline your student employee’s accomplishments over this past year and/or how they have contributed to the workplace.
  • How does this student exhibit NACE competencies in their position? Please provide specific examples. 
  • Closing statement 

The SEAC committee will be reviewing nominations and selecting the SEOTY. Students will be evaluated on their contributions to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Competencies for Career Readiness as well as an overall commitment to their employment opportunity. Please submit your response to the Student Employment Advisory Committee (SEAC) email address (

The deadline for submitting nominations is Monday, February 14. 


2021-2022 SEAC Representatives

Small Employers

  • Stuart Chmielewski, Chair, Career Exploration (2nd year)
  • Kelsey Fox, Communications (1st year)

Medium Employers

  • Carla Zelada, Admissions (1st year)
  • Catherine Westby, Briggs House (3rd year)
  • Brooke Schmolke, Information Technology Services (2nd year)

Large Employers

  • Derek Johnson, Civic Engagement Center (3rd year)
  • Pam Latterel, Athletics (3rd year)
  • Neno Grae, Campus Operations (2nd year)
  • LaReina Adams, Library (2nd year)

Student Representatives:

  • Hanna Kong
  • Mackenzie Clarke
  • Ida Streeto
  • Sylvia Choi

Additional Advisory Members

  • Jaelynn Blenkush, Employment Services, ex-officio
  • Bob Graf, Employment Services, Advisory Member
  • Jenae Schmidt, Financial Aid, Advisory Member