The Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC) serves as an advisory board for the Treasurer, Provost, and Employment Services Director.  As a representative body, BAC recognizes the importance of both tangible and intangible benefits.  The Committee advocates for comprehensive benefits which meet the needs of a diverse workforce with appropriate financial contributions from both the institution and the employees.  BAC considers concerns of Macalester community members regarding benefits and makes recommendations when appropriate.  The Committee also assists with communicating benefits information to the Macalester community to ensure that everyone is well informed.

Questions or concerns may be directed to any of the Benefits Advisory Committee members.

Eric Wiertelak, Faculty Representative and Chair 2015-2016

Jason Dempster, Employment Services Representative

Laura Kigin, Non-Exempt Staff Representative

Raymond Robertson, Faculty Representative

Doug Rosenberg, RPC Liaison and Exempt Staff Representative

Sandra Street, Collective Bargaining Staff Representative

Bob Graf, Director of Employment Services, Ex Officio