During the coronavirus pandemic and a national reckoning with systemic racism in America

Created by Kori Suzuki ’21

with help from Prof. Eric Carroll and Prof. Roopali Phadke



2020 has been a long and devastating year.  In March, the coronavirus pandemic upended life around the world and has since killed hundreds of thousands of people.  The killing of George Floyd sparked nationwide protests and thrust the realities of structural racism and white supremacy into the national spotlight.

This exhibit draws on visions of resilience in action over the last seven months.  It features images of pain, rage, and hope from a historic spring and summer – all through the eyes of Macalester students scattered across the country.  This project was envisioned by Prof. Roopali Phadke and curated by Kori Suzuki ’21 with the help of Professor Eric Carroll.  A huge thanks to all of the students who entered photos.  The curator and the selection committee are proud to recognize and honor your incredible work.