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Staff Awards

Each year, the Student Affairs Awards & Recognition Committee requests nominations from all division staff for our annual awards. That Committee then comes together to review nominations for all the phenomenal colleagues we work with; and based on the criteria for each award, makes the tough decision on who is selected for each award, and recognized at our spring retreat. All student affairs staff serve an integral role within their department and areas across campus, all are exceptional, all sharing in the mission, vision and supporting students at Macalester! Each of our Staff Awards, their criteria and 2023’s recipients are shared below.

2023 Student Affairs Staff Awards recipient group photo from the annual retreat held on May 17, 2023. From left to right: Tiger Simpson, Audrey Seligman, Priscilla Perez Umphress, Jonathan Cardenas, Devyn Smith, Marcos Cruz, Taylor Ulrich.

    Equity & Inclusion Award
    Well-Being Award
    Integrative Learning Award
    Collaborative Partnership Award
    Rockstar Award
    Bomb Colleague Award

    Student Affairs Equity & Inclusion Award

    2023 Recipient(s)

    Marcos Cruz, Career Exploration

    The Equity & Inclusion award is presented to an individual, group, or program in the Division of Student Affairs that has an outstanding commitment to equity, inclusion, and justice and strives to create an inclusive community where students and/or staff can learn and grow, and fosters an environment that contributes to a sense of belonging on our campus.

    -Develops and creates an inclusive environment, where students/staff recognize the identities and positionalities of themselves and others and how that may impact the community
    -Creates and implements a program that contributes to advancing DEI initiatives
    -Cultivates a culture in which individuals and groups thrive, are engaged, and have a sense of belonging, community, and purpose

      Student Affairs Well-Being Award

      2023 Recipient(s)

      Taylor Ulrich, Athletics

      The Well-Being award is presented to an individual, group, or program in the Division of Student Affairs that provides support, empowerment, skills, or experiences that positively impact the overall physical and/or mental health of student and/or staff communities.

      -Demonstrated direct and positive impacts in a key area of personal or collective well-being: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, financial, or spiritual
      -Acts as an ambassador to connect students and/or staff to existing well-being resources
      -Serves as a role model for the culture of well-being

        Student Affairs Integrative Learning Award

        2023 Recipient(s)

        Health Promotion and Sexual Respect Team

        The Integrative Learning award is presented to an individual, group, or program in the Division of Student Affairs that helps students create meaning and synthesize learning by illuminating the intersections among experiences in and out of the classroom and for life beyond Macalester.

        -Develops or facilitates a program that connects curricular and co-curricular learning
        -Implements new or enhances existing programs, activities, and/or services that enrich the student experience and further student learning
        -Enhances student growth through experiences that promote leadership, engagement, peer education, mentoring, r student employment as vehicles for the promotion of skill-building, personal development, social responsibility, and career discernment

        Student Affairs Collaborative Partnership Award

        2023 Recipient(s)

        Priscilla Perez Umphress, Residential Life

        The Collaborative Partnership award is presented to an individual, group, or program in the Division of Student Affairs  that has developed, maintained, or grown collaborative partnerships within or beyond Student Affairs that has expanded the impact of the Division’s mission and values.

        -Initiates collaborative partnerships across division, campus, or with the broader community
        -Accomplishes departmental or divisional goals that improve the student or staff experience through mutual action

        Student Affairs Rockstar Award

        2023 Recipient(s)

        Jonathan Cardenas, Residential Life

        Devyn Smith, Athletics

        The Rockstar award is presented to an individual in the Division of Student Affairs who consistently serves the mission of the Division through their work, has made positive contributions to the College, and/or demonstrates meaningful impact through dedication and service.

        -Serves the mission of the Division through their work
        -Makes positive contributions to their team/division, students, or community
        -Strives to continuously improve programs and services to adapt to evolving needs

        Student Affairs Bomb Colleague Award

        2023 Recipient(s)

        Hana Dinku, Lealtad Suzuki Center for Social Justice

        The Bomb Colleague award is presented to an individual or group outside the Division who has been an outstanding partner with Student Affairs to improve the Macalester experience.

        -Provides consistent support to the division
        -Contributes to the mission of the division
        -Provides significant assistance to staff or programs of the division