Photo of campus on a fall day


The Division of Student Affairs remains committed to ensuring that your student experience and journey of learning and engagement is the best it can be…despite the fact that we cannot physically be together. I acknowledge the feelings and emotions you may be carrying…know that we are right there with you. I realize that you have goals and dreams yet to achieve – productions, competitions, performances, projects, events, programs…all interrupted. Many of you have left campus, and you may feel unsure about when you can return to see friends, faculty, staff, and support networks that nourish and uplift you…or you may be in the residence halls and not sure when everyone will be able to join you on campus again. And if you are a graduating senior, I acknowledge the loss you must feel. You have worked so hard…made so many sacrifices…accomplished so very much. Know that we are all very proud of you. I recognize the symbolism and significance of Commencement, and though we will not be celebrating you in the ways we were originally planning to, we will find meaningful ways to celebrate you and your phenomenal achievements.

In this unprecedented time, when things feel so disconcerting and overwhelming, it is important to lean into our shared humanity and the connections between and among us. Through this virtual hub, the staff of Student Affairs has lovingly worked to create an experience for you that will allow you to connect, engage, and be present with one another as you continue to learn, achieve, and grow into the beautiful beings you are. I encourage you to explore the resources, engage in the programs and activities…and if you have ideas for things we can add, programs to collaborate on, we welcome your voice and input!

In the meantime, I am sending you a big virtual hug and much love! Hope to see you soon (even if virtually)!

Donna ❤️

The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for overseeing many of the critical services that support students to get the most out of their time at Macalester. Members of our staff are a good source of information about college resources and policies.

Office of Student Affairs Provides

The Vice President for Student Affairs oversees the ten departments that comprise the Division of Student Affairs. Members of the Division of Student Affairs provide essential leadership for the out-of-classroom education of students that complements and supplements the academic mission of the college.