The Sustainability Office funds small on-campus projects that promote sustainability through creative  action, advance Macalester’s Sustainability Plan, and uphold the core values of the College.

Projects should encourage collaboration between staff, faculty, and students. An individual or group can apply for up to $1,000 in funding. Applications are rolling but funding is limited. If you have questions, contact the Sustainability Office at.

  • Projects that have a lasting effect on the community have a higher priority than those that benefit an individual once
  • Students, Faculty and Staff are all encouraged to make requests
  • Budget figures submitted should be accurate; the Sustainability Office may request documentation about the budget figures before approving the request
  • Requests for travel funding will not be approved; if an exception is to be made and travel funding is approved, it will be solely and exclusive through the college’s van pool, without exception
  • Funds will not be approved if the request is a donation to an outside organization
  • Funds to be paid to an external individual vary in approval; stipends for on-campus speakers open to all will be approved more often than funding for consultants working from afar
  • The Sustainability Office reserves the right to make the final decision about the allocation of funds

Complete the Small Project Fund Application with your request if you feel it aligns with the above guidelines.