by Anna Šverclová ’23

❤️Hey folks, it’s February! ❤️You know what that means… It’s the season of love!❤️ This ushy-gushy-lovey-dovey-season, ❤️we want to bring to the English Department the time-honored tradition of making and giving valentines to our most cherished friends (or lovers❤️). All majors and minors are heartily invited over to the Writer’s room to make a “mailbox” (envelope) to pin to the wall. Until Valentine’s Day, you’ll be able to slip words of affirmation, drawings, memes, or love notes❤️ into your peers’ and professors’ mailboxes. Anonymously, or not! Consider this an opportunity to express your undying admiration for your fellow major or minor’s incredible short story, heart wrenching poem, or insightful Shakespeare analysis essay! 

But please, majors, don’t be hypnotized by the love coursing through your veins! Remember to keep all valentines kind and respectful.

With love,

The English Department