by Chloë Moore ’24

Welcome to The Words, dear readers! We are so excited to introduce ourselves to you, and we hope that you enjoy reading this year’s issues as much as we enjoy bringing them to you. A reminder: you, readers, are what make The Words exciting, so please, keep us updated on your going-ons! Drop us a line if you start a project, go to a great event, get something published, or want to share any words of wisdom with our readers. We always want to hype you up in our monthly issues. And now, without further ado, our staff!

Senior Newsletter Editors

Chloë Moore (she/they) is a junior English literature major and Spanish minor at Macalester College. She hails from Ithaca, NY, where she lives with four dogs that she misses every day (her family is there too). This is their second year as a full-time Words staffer and first as Senior Editor. Chloë enjoys art, music, reading and writing, and haunting the halls of Old Main, looking for unsuspecting students to recruit for the English Department. They are always available to discuss the Taylor Swift Cinematic Universe and the ecosocialist undertones of the Studio Ghibli films.

Zoe Roos Scheuerman (she/her) is a junior at Mac and one of The Words’ senior editors. She grew up mostly in Bloomington, Indiana, but she’s originally from Saint Paul’s Macalester-Groveland neighborhood, and she has moved between the United States and Germany throughout her life. She still doesn’t know how she ended up with a German, English, and International Studies triple major, but she’s rolling with the punches. This semester, she’s busy building a publishing empire as she leads Chanter, the Hegemonocle, and The Words. She’s also super excited to undertake a research project on global migration in contemporary literature – and, of course, to work with all the awesome, creative people in the English Department! 

Associate Newsletter Editors

Anna Šverclová (they/them) is a senior English major from Anoka, Minnesota. Though it is their first year working as a newsletter editor for The Words, they’ve long dreamt about working for the Macalester English department. Finally, their dreams are coming true! When they aren’t newsletter-editing or writing long-form poetry, you can find Anna at the Mississippi river, picking furry plants, or making homemade candles out of old garlic jars.

I’m Patrick Coy-Bjork (he/they) and I’m originally from Waunakee, Wisconsin! I’m a Theater major (most focused on playwriting), but I’m also studying English and Psychology. The English department is the loveliest, coziest place on all of campus, so working here is a delight. One of the best parts of being a newsletter editor is getting the chance to meet and talk with professors and students from all across the department. Everyone always has such interesting insights, no matter the subject matter of the article. Outside of English, I love playing music, listening to podcasts on walks, and finding dogs and cats to befriend.